The NeoLine wallet by NEXT is one of the primary wallets used for interacting with the Flamingo Finance DeFi protocol. Upon the launch of the FLM Mint Rush on September 25th, NeoLine became overloaded, preventing the majority of its users from participating and forcing the temporary suspension of the event.

Neo Global Development (NGD) recently hosted an AMA on the Flamingo Finance Discord channel with NEXT co-founder, Edison, to share what the team learned from the Mint Rush.

In the AMA, Edison discussed the history of NEXT, the team’s vision for the NeoLine wallet, issues that caused NeoLine to fail on the first day of the Mint Rush, future blockchain and hardware integration, and more.

A transcript of the AMA can be found below:

Adam Yang: It’s AMA time! Let’s welcome, Edison. Edison is the founder of NEXT, a developer community within the Neo ecosystem, who is in charge of developing NeoLine, a wallet many became familiar with during the launch of Flamingo.

Could you share a bit more about yourself with the group?

Edison: Hi, guys! It’s my pleasure to be here with you, thank you for supporting NeoLine!

I’m also Bitcoin and Neo enthusiast, so feel free to reach out to me on Twitter! You can find my Twitter handle here.

NeoLine was developed by the NEXT developer community, which was founded in 2017. NEXT is located in Hangzhou, China, which is also close to where the Alibaba Group is sited.

Now, its among on of the most popular developer communities in the Neo ecosystem.

NEXT’s main products include the NeoLine wallet and the NeoTube browser.

Adam: Thank you! Edison has much more followers in China, as he has been in the crypto space for some years now.

Q1: Can you tell us a bit more about the NeoLine’s features, advantages and influence?

Edison: NeoLine is the first Neo-based wallet to support Google Chrome extensions and non-fungible tokens (NFT).

The NeoLine Chrome extension is open-source. On the discovery page of the NeoLine application, users can enter the Neo ecosystem with one click!

Currently, NeoLine has nearly 100,000 users, and is popular with Neo users.

Q2: What is the goal and mission of NeoLine wallet?

Edison: The team’s mission is to always keep user assets absolutely safe. Also, we strive to provide the most professional, the most user-friendly encryption service.

Q3: Does NeoLine have any plans to support other browsers like FireFox, Edge, or Safari? How about support for hardware wallets, like Ledger?

Edison: NeoLine does plan to add support for other browsers like Firefox, Safari, and others. Adding support for hardware wallets is something we’re discussing, mainly due to the UTXO limitations.

Q4: NeoLine is the most mobile-friendly and DeFi ready Neo wallet; its usage and traffic is expected to continue increasing. What are you doing to prevent the loss of blockchain connection/service in the future?

Edison: NeoLine’s usage and traffic has been rising rapidly every day lately!

Following the Mint Rush, we’ve been implementing a series of system upgrades, server upgrades, and other steps to keep the Chrome extension running smoothly.

The Mint Rush traffic on September 25th was way beyond our estimates. We apologize for the negative impact it may have had on everyone.

We’ll try our best to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again!

Q5: Are there any future projects on the roadmap? Will there be infrastructure upgrades to NeoLine to accommodate potential high transaction volume surges?

Edison: We’ve done a server upgrade and architecture optimization, which has been a very powerful preparation to defend against attacks.

On top of that, very powerful preparations have been made to defend against attacks, causing DDoS attackers to fail multiple times.

We also aim to do more rigorous stress testing and research when a new collection goes live.

Q6: Will NeoLine support Flamingo’s upcoming modules (I.e., Swap, Perp, DAO)? If yes, is the NeoLine team ready to do whatever they can to fix any issues that may arise?

Edison: Of course, NeoLine will support every Flamingo module and it will be easier for users to participate in Flamingo with NeoLine.

Q7: Are you planning to work with Ledger or add another security layer to your wallet?

Edison: Supporting hardware wallets is a frequently asked question. The Ledger hardware has limitations with UTXO. So, we won’t support hardware wallets until we have a good solution. Otherwise, some larger transfers may fail.

For additional security layer upgrades, we are planning to add 2FA or pin number when users open the wallet.

Q8: Can NeoLine accept all NEP-5 tokens, and will all of them be visible in my wallet?

Edison: NeoLine supports all NEP-5 tokens and you can add/hide them with one click.

However, if there are some NEP-5 tokens that are reported by users and ultimately judged to be harmful assets, then we’ll consider removing them from the platform.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by email at

Q9: Is there a plan to add multi-chain support with NeoLine?

Edison: As far as I know, there is no extension wallet that can support more than two blockchains.

We’ve recently received a lot of similar suggestions, but we still plan to consider this after we’ve perfected the Neo asset services because NeoLine is becoming the gateway to the Neo Smart Economy.

Q10: Why does the NeoLine wallet need a server, and why does a downed server affect total wallet functions?

Edison: NeoLine communicates with Flamingo through the dAPI standard. When the number of requests is very high, sometimes the communication can fail. Other examples of data include UTXO’s and asset prices.

Q11: What distinguishes NeoLine from other wallets?

Edison: NeoLine is solely focused on Neo and providing professional and comprehensive wallet services for Neo users. You could compare us to Metamask for Ethereum.

Adam: Thank you, Edison! That’s all for today’s AMA. I’m sure we have been through a lot with Flamingo and NeoLine, we will be sure to put in our best efforts to improve the product and service; towards a friendly, strong and reliable DeFi ecosystem built on Neo.

Edison: Thank you for your participation for this AMA. The latest version of the NeoLine extension is 2.5.1, we recommend updating to the latest version for a better experience!

Finally, we are always progressing and improving to provide a better service.

I also look forward to input from users who make suggestions, participate in the growth of NeoLine, and building the best digital wallet together!

Note: Some edits have been made for formatting and readability.