On Monday, October 21st, Neo Global Development (NGD) head of EcoGrowth, John Wang, participated in an ask me anything (AMA) event on Celer Network’s official Telegram channel. The co-hosted AMA was the first among the two entities since announcing a partnership in September 2019.

In the AMA, Wang discusses the Neo developer community, plans for Neo3, the partnership with Celer Network, how they aim to benefit both ecosystems, and more.

The full transcript can be found below:

Sirong Li (Celer Network marketing and operations): Hi everyone, our AMA with John Wang from Neo officially starts now!

Welcome John Wang to our group. Our community is really excited for this AMA.

Next, Mo Dong will be taking over and ask our pre-collected questions. Could Mo briefly introduce yourself to our new members?

Mo Dong (Celer Network co-founder and CEO): Hi everyone! This is Mo, co-founder and CEO of Celer Network. It’s a great honor to have John, head of NGD EcoGrowth of Neo, here on our joint AMA.

How about we start with you explaining a little bit about Neo? What are you currently working on?

John Wang (NGD head of EcoGrowth): Hi everyone, really glad I can have a chance to do an AMA in here.

Neo is an open-source project driven by the community. It utilizes blockchain technology and digital identities to digitize assets and automate the management of digital assets using smart contracts. Using a distributed network, it aims to create a “Smart Economy.”

I’m responsible for the Neo Ecosystem Growth department and the Neo Eco Fund. So, my daily work is to connect with the exchanges, the dApps, the community, and institutions. We also talk with different people — Russian, Indian, Western, South American people. The goal for our department is to extend the ecosystem of Neo, and to effectively allocate the resources of Neo to each individual project.

We are working on building solutions on the Neo blockchain. For example, dApps solutions, decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions, security token offering (STO) solutions, etc. In the end, we might not profit directly from this kind of solution, but for any project which wants to join the Neo ecosystem—they can get the resources and infrastructure to build everything on Neo.

Mo: Thanks for the brief intro! Our community is quite excited about our partnership, what made you choose Celer?

John: The Celer team is a top layer 2 development team in the blockchain world. Neo has always hoped to cooperate with the top teams. It is appreciated that Celer gave us this opportunity to cooperate. Neo will use the layer-2 expansion technology of Celer to greatly improve the scalability and availability of Neo dApps. The cooperation with Celer can promote the steady growth of Neo’s dApp ecosystem and jointly implement the mass adoption of blockchain.

Mo: Thanks! What are the future use cases you have been thinking of?

John: Use case is not an individual product. It will appear in large quantities after the infrastructures are improved. Blockchain will become an important facility in the next internet generation. The digitalization of assets and the popularization of digital identity will be widely used.

Mo: What is your future plan for Neo?

John: Neo’s vision is the “Smart Economy,” we aim to become the next generation internet infrastructure. First, is the development of Neo3, which will prepare Neo for large-scale commerce.

Second, is the Neo EcoBoost project, which will provide full life cycle support for Neo ecosystem projects, together with EcoBoost Partners. Neo EcoBoost will attract many talented developers and projects.

Furthermore, Neo aims to become the most developer-friendly blockchain. Our Seattle office is focusing on this to make the blockchain development threshold lower and to bring more external developers.

Neo3 will be more developer friendly, have higher performance, and be easy to use. And, we believe the market is dynamic and will grab people’s attention. Some new strong projects will attract some attention in a specific period, but people will focus on the project itself eventually, then the competition transfer to the ecosystem. As one of the earliest blockchain projects, one of the strengths of Neo is its community power and ecosystem, we will move forward with it in the next stage.

Mo: What kind of projects do you think would bring the most benefit to Neo over the next couple of years?

John: Projects like Celer which can highly improve the Neo network’s performance. Neo’s vision is to achieve a Smart Economy and serve large-scale commercial applications. Neo3 will bring a more stable and friendly infrastructure and lead Neo to achieve this vision.

We believe that large-scale commercial applications and DeFi applications will benefit the Neo ecosystem, and Neo is also committed to promoting the blockchain industry. Therefore, we will also cooperate with schools and enterprises in the next few years to bring blockchain technology into the mainstream.

Sirong: Thank you John for all the answers! Now let’s open up to our community.

Q1: How will the Celer & Neo partnership benefit both Celer and Neo?

John: After the product is ready, Neo will bring our ecosystem projects into the Celer network. Currently, we have 20+ dapps, most of them can integrate layer 2, it will also help Celer to improve its own ecosystem.

Q2: What do you think is the biggest problem Celer will solve that no other project is solving now, and why is the problem important to solve?

John: There are a lot of projects in the layer 2 now. The biggest advantage of Celer is the completeness and reliability of the products. After our communication with the Celer team and the research on technology, we feel that the current Celer technology is the best and the team is the strongest. I think that for layer 2, the innovation of technology is very important, but the stability of the product is more important.

Q3: What is the concept of NEO and GAS? What is the main use of GAS in the Neo blockchain? By holding NEO, how do users get GAS tokens?

John: NEO is the governance token and GAS is the “fuel token.” When you deploy smart contracts or do a transaction, you need to spend GAS. If you hold your NEO in the wallet, it will produce GAS automatically.

Q4: Who is the father of NEO?

John: All our community is the “father” of Neo.

Q5: Across the global market, cryptocurrency payments are still not available. So do you think Neo will have difficulties when expanding further into these areas?

John: Our goal is not just to use NEO as a payment token. We hope to provide developers with a complete development environment. For regions that already support NEO payment, we will look for more opportunities, but we are more concerned about the world. Building our developer community, we currently have seven developer communities in Europe, America, and Asia.

Q6: What role does the Celer play in the Neo ecosystem?

John: Celer plays a very important role in the Neo ecosystem. I think the public blockchain should focus on stability and security in the future, and layer 2 can help the public chain improve performance, and Celer will be Neo’s main partner in this regard.

Q7: Does Neo have any plan to attract the community, and how will it be done? When will Neo implement its community engagement plan? Does Neo target the community from Asian countries like Vietnam and Thailand, or just neutral plus European countries?

John: We have many developer communities around the world. We have a new program called “EcoBoost,” and you can find more information on our website, neo.org. We will come to Vietnam in December, and we are building a community there right now.

Sirong: We will wrap up for today’s AMA! Thank you all for participating! Thank you John for answering our community’s questions!

Mo: Thanks Neo! Thanks everyone! We will have more product and news releases. Stay tuned!

John: Thank you very much for everyone coming to this AMA. I haven’t come and answered many questions. Please go to our official website neo.org for more information. I also want to thank the Celer team for letting us interact with the Celer community.

Note: Some edits have been made for formatting and readability. The full conversation can be found at https://t.me/celernetwork/177829.