TranslateMe has started live beta-testing its Market, a web-based portal that allows users to contribute translation suggestions and receive TMN rewards. Upon the launch, TranslateMe integrated support for its German and French language models.

Source: TranslateMe

TranslateMe is an instant translation service in the Neo ecosystem. Through the Market, TranslateMe intends to combine machine translation with human validation in order to translate content with “99.9% accuracy.” TranslateMe describes its new product as “a trustless translation portal with near-perfect translation.”

It uses machine translation to quickly translate content, which is then validated by 21 human translators. The validators can suggest improvements and review each others edits, voting on the most accurate before the job is completed.

Source: TranslateMe

In the beta version of the Market, users can contribute to TranslateMe’s proprietary corpora of over 10 millions sentences for each language, which is used by its AI algorithm for translations. The Suggestions tab shows the original message, its translation in German or French, and offers the opportunity for the user to suggest a better translation.

Looking forward, platform users will also be able to vote on translation quality. Once approved, the translations will be added to the appropriate language corpus.

Users who find any bugs or have issues with the beta Market platform are encouraged to contact the team at

The TranslateMe Market can be found at the link below: