TranslateMe, a translation service using the NEO blockchain, has announced it is conducting its second initial exchange offering (IEO) through VinDAX, a centralized exchange. The announcement follows the recent conclusion of an IEO held on the Probit exchange.

As an instant translation service, TranslateMe claims to offer many benefits for end users and service providers with its “blockchain-based, hybrid AI algorithm.” Notably, the platform offers an end-point API that can be integrated into websites and applications claiming to provide cost savings “of up to 90%” on retail translation services.

The IEO on the VinDAX platform will take place in two rounds scheduled on Monday, July 1st and Tuesday the 2nd, each beginning at 8:00 am (UTC +2).

The price of each TMN token is currently listed as 0.0035 USDT. A total of 60,000,000 TMN tokens are available via the IEO, split equally between the two rounds. There will be three markets to purchase TMN through, the native VinDAX token (VD), Bitcoin, and Ethereum; each with 10 million TMN per market per session.

The hard cap for the IEO is US $105,000 and the soft cap is US $10,500.

In its Twitter announcement, TranslateMe claims VinDAX has a daily volume of more than US $50 million and more than 50,000 users.

More information about the TranslateMe IEO on VinDAX can be found at the following link: