TranslateMe intends to combine machine translation with human validation to translate content with “99.9% accuracy.” Customers and translators will be able to access the service through a new marketplace, recently announced on the Neo subReddit.

TranslateMe describes its new product as “a trustless translation portal with near-perfect translation.” It uses machine translation to quickly translate content, which is then validated by 21 human translators. The validators can suggest improvements and review each others edits, voting on the most accurate before the job is completed.

According to TranslateMe, the use of machine translation allows it to offer lower prices than its competitors. The inclusion of human validation mean customers can trust the final translation is accurate, even if they do not speak the language.

Translators will be able to participate as validators on the marketplace and be rewarded in TranslateMe’s NEP-5 TMN token. TranslateMe plans to write its validation process, which it calls “Proof of Translation,” into a smart contract which will handle voting logic and token reward distribution.

Eventually, TranslateMe aims to integrate with other platforms to offer “high-quality translation results without the hassle of verifying work or working with actual translators.”

The full announcement can be found at the link below: