Travala (formerly has released v1 of its travel booking platform on TestNet. The team are hoping to get feedback from the community on the project from a UX and UI perspective.

The initial alpha build of Travala was released on March 23rd in the lead up to its token sale. Since then, Travala have added new features and redeveloped the backend to improve the uptake of hotel listings.

The full list of updates can be found at the below link:

Travala’s vision is to become the first decentralized global travel marketplace. It claims that there is currently no universal travel specific search engine, and aims to create a trusted zero commission platform.

The travel industry is dominated by large companies that own multiple booking websites. These websites act as the middle man between accommodation providers and consumers, and charge big commissions to be listed. Through blockchain and smart contracts, Travala aims to disrupt this model and connect consumers directly to providers.

More information on Travala can be found at the links below: