On February 9, 2018, offchain scaling project, Trinity, announced the launch of the Trinity Community Contributor Incentive Program (TCCIP). The TCCIP allows the Trinity community to earn Trinity tokens (TNC) for participating in activities such as the promotion of the project on social media, administration of Telegram and social media groups, and creation of content such as stickers and other imagery, among others.

The TCCIP seeks to increase community involvement, technology contributions, and business development. A list of the ways to participate in the TCCIP are as follows:

  1. Managing the community in various communication channels (for example, administrating the Telegram channel);
  2. Answering questions in community forums;
  3. Designing stickers/images to be used by the Trinity team;
  4. Expanding the community, such as building a new Korean community and managing it more for longer than one month;
  5. Making videos or interviews that are “liked” by other users;
  6. Writing articles with reviews of Trinity; and/or,
  7. Sending tweets with #trinity and @TrinityProtocol.

There are rules and stipulations contingent upon receiving rewards for community member activities. Those who are interested in participating in the TCCIP need to register their information on the Trinity Foundation website and upload examples and proof of their chosen method of participation. The Trinity Foundation will review submissions and reward the participant by sending TNC to their NEO wallet within a week of beginning the review.

If a user is opting to participate through social media engagement, the applicant may only make one submission every 24 hours. Additionally, the maximum reward is 300 TNC for each social media submission.

For submissions from the six other categories, the maximum amount that may be rewarded at once is 10,000 TNC, dependent upon Trinity Foundation review.

You can register for the TCCIP at the Trinity Foundation website, and follow Trinity Foundation via their Twitter, Telegram, or GitHub.