On April 9, 2018, Trinity Protocol released details of their upcoming token lock-up and reward program. The token lock-up will be managed by the Trinity Foundation. Users will send their TNC tokens to an official Trinity Foundation address, which can be used to monitor the TNC tokens held.

The opportunity to contribute to the lockup will last for three days, from April 15 (UTC +8) through April 18 (UTC +8). If the lockup hardcap is reached before April 18th, Trinity will refund users who have contributed TNC tokens over the cap.

The locking protocol will begin after the first block height at 12:00 am (UTC +8) April 15th. The lockup has a hardcap of 35,000,000 TNC tokens, and tokens will be locked for nine months.

Participants who opt to lock their tokens up will receive bonuses for depositing their TNC earlier in the process.

  • The first 5,000,000 TNC token holders who contribute to the lockup address will receive a 10% bonus;
  • The 5,000,000th to the 15,000,000th TNC token holders will receive a 7.5% bonus; and,
  • The 15,000,000th to the 35,000,000th TNC token holders will receive a 5% bonus.

10,000 TNC is the minimum amount a participant can contribute to the locking address, and the maximum a participant can contribute is 500,000 TNC. Contributions will need to be made in multiples of 10,000.

Trinity will provide further information about the lockup process through their website.

For more information about Trinity, visit their website, Twitter, GitHub, Telegram, Medium, or Reddit.