On May 22, 2018, Tyler Adams, co-founder and architect of Moonlight, participated in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on the Wolf Crypto public Telegram channel. The AMA was an open forum for any member of the Telegram channel to ask questions.

About Moonlight

Moonlight is a decentralized workforce recruiting and scaling platform built on the NEO blockchain. It seeks to provide a medium for resource identification, on-boarding, and project management by removing trust barriers that exist in the traditional workforce space.

Though the project is incorporated in Singapore, the development team is dispersed globally. As such, the team will be targeting the global workforce market, but will initially focus on the Americas and Asian-Pacific markets.

Moonlight isn’t seeking to simply target the ‘gig economy,’ but to serve product development and human resources holistically. The scope of the platform seeks to look beyond “just” freelancing, but to be a hiring, on-boarding, and project management ecosystem.

Blockchain, Identity, and Securities

During the Q&A, one questioner asked if the platform will be entirely blockchain-based, or if it will be more of a hybrid platform. Tyler responded, the “platform will be a hybrid because there are some areas where blockchain + client is simply not a good idea. If you read between the lines in the project management components of our whitepaper, we’re sort of an analytics company, actually… We will use blockchain where it makes sense for our products.”

This is in reference to the insights employers are able to gain based on the historical performance of workers on the platform. Each time a task is completed on Moonlight, information such as skills required, bid accuracy and duration to task completion is recorded to the blockchain as part of the user’s digital resume. Over time, this will allow employers to run simulations on particular tasks.

For example, an employer could simulate Worker A performing Task X, requiring Skill Z. Moonlight could calculate a likely delivery date for Task X, based on previous tasks completed by Worker A requiring Skill Z, taking into account their average time-to-completion bid accuracy. The aim is to allow employers to more efficiently manage their workforce.

Tyler went on to note that whilst identity is the focus of many blockchain projects (for example, Ontology), Moonlight aims to look beyond “who” a person is, but at “what” they’re capable of doing. Tyler said, “this is a second type of identity that no one ever talks about…and this issue still hasn’t even been solved in [the] current professional space.”

One member of the Telegram group asked about steps taken to ensure the Moonlight token (LX) isn’t a security. Tyler responded, “We have a REALLY good legal team…who is intimately familiar with [Monetary Authority of Singapore] and their handling of crypto. We are a true utility; the LX token has a utility in that it provides an incentivized use on the platform. And further more, GAS awarded to users is the result of some effort completed on the platform.”


Current partnerships with NEO-based projects include Thor, nOS, and VDT. The Thor partnership will seek to integrate Thor’s healthcare and retirement benefits to users through Moonlight.

VDT will be one of Moonlight’s first customers. Tyler stated, “the render servers will interface with our API as ‘resolvers’. When a user submits a render ‘task’ into Moonlight, the servers will bid on those tasks and pull them.”

And, nOS will be seeding development tasks on the Moonlight platform.


When inquired about a working demo, Tyler said, users “can consider the token sale ecosystem a part of our actual product since it will be entirely reused for our account system in the main application”. The core application will be ready in Quarter 3 of 2018, with the team aiming for the matchmaking ecosystem to be ready for ‘select’ users to test.

Realistically, Tyler says, “there will be 3 stages to our project’s growth, once we enter beta”. During the first phase, City of Zion (CoZ) developers will accept the majority of the tasks, and work on growing the user base. The second phase will likely focus on extending beyond the NEO blockchain and into other blockchain spaces. The final phase will involve expanding into non-blockchain markets.

Token Presale and Public Sale

The Moonlight presale allocation emails have been sent to the 50 individuals who were accepted.

The public token sale is expected to take place in June of 2018, however a firm date has yet to be determined.

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