TypeEarn, an application that rewards users for improving typing skills, is migrating to the Neo blockchain from Steem. TypeEarn incentivizes users to practice typing through the gamification of typing as “mining” to produce token rewards.

Nigerian founder, Mikes Tykee, began developing TypeEarn in Summer 2019 to help individuals track and improve their typing speeds. TypeEarn chose to move to Neo from Steem due to its stability and simple wallet creation process.

Mining and rewards

Central to the TypeEarn platform will be its TypeEarn token (TPN). In order to access TypeEarn’s services, users will be required to stake a minimum of 20 TPN. The number of staked tokens will also influence how much the user will be rewarded for their efforts and how often rewards can be claimed.

In TypeEarn, the act of typing is gamified as “mining.” The more often and more efficiently the user “mines,” the more rewards they will receive. Therefore, users are incentivized to practice regularly and improve their typing speed and accuracy. Rewards will be distributed in TPN tokens.

Partner with schools across the globe

TypeEarn aims to offer its service to schools as a unique way of encouraging students to improve their typing skills. In a conversation with Neo News Today, Tykee claimed, “we have reached out to many schools, and once the COVID-19 lockdowns are over, many schools will start using the app.”

To partner with TypeEarn, schools can purchase seats for students through a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual server subscription. Seats are purchased with TPN and subsequently burned, and both the school and students will earn tokens for using the platform. Further, TypeEarn will offer a certificate to students who maintain a speed of 60 words per minute (WPM) or higher.

Looking forward

TypeEarn is currently undergoing testing on Neo and is tentatively expected to launch in Q2 2020.

Further, the team intends to release an updated roadmap along with a whitepaper and information on its migration to the Neo blockchain.

The TypeEarn website can be found at the link below: