VDT Network is a Decentralized Render Farm and Production Application Development Platform.

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Decentralized Rendering

Using the VDT Network, users can save both time and money on resource intensive rendering jobs through decentralised technology. VDT is being developed by Dean van Dugteren from City of Zion and Idmon Yildiz of Trap City

VDT Network is a decentralized render farm and development platform built with smart contracts on the NEO Smart Economy. Render farms, consumers, and any other entities can connect their machines to VDT Network and render (visual) material requested by clients. Connected machines that process render jobs are called "render nodes".

Render nodes are incentivized with VDT Network tokens (VDT) for processing render jobs and validating rendered frames.

Clients such as SaaS applications (i.e. YouTube, Vidiato), software (i.e. Maya, 3dsmax, After Effects), video & 3d production companies (i.e. Netflix, HBO), and consumers (i.e. indie producers, hobbyists) can delegate render jobs to VDT Network by creating a request and staking VDT utility tokens (NEP-5 token built on the NEO Smart Economy) as the incentive for processing by render nodes.

VDT Network minimizes idle time and maximizes jobs and incentives for render farms and any other machines due to the constant availability of VDT's decentralized render job market. For clients, there's higher performance, more availability, and optimized pricing.


Vidiato will be the first application running on VDT Network.

Vidiato is a consumer-friendly platform that improves the process and workflow of producing data-driven videos. Its current focus lies on audio visualisers for YouTube music channels. Artists and labels generally don't focus on growing their YouTube channels due to the amount of work involved with rendering graphically attractive videos.

Configuring a template for rendering can take 10 - 20 minutes, with the render process then consuming all of the user’s machine's resources for 2 to 5 hours. Using the VDT Network, Vidiato renders these same videos in 20 minutes, with configuration taking only 1 minute. The user simply drops in an MP3 and selects a background if required.

Vidiato will also upload the video directly to YouTube, saving the user an additional 10 - 20 minutes.

Vidiato is currently in closed beta and is being used by some of the world’s biggest YouTube channels and networks.



Dean van Dugteren
VDT Network Founder & CEO. Founder & Developer at Click.DJ. City of Zion.
Idmon Yildiz
Product Development: Vidiato Co-Founder & Developer. Co-founder at Trap City.
Nick Nikijuluw
Advisor to VDT.Network. Managing Director at Data Access Europe BV
Benjamin De Bos
PHP & iOS Development. City of Zion.