Victor, a decentralized shopping platform was unveiled by Rodger Buyvoets at the NEO ❤️ Amsterdam event held at the DeLaMar Theater, April 14th. Victor is built on the NEO blockchain and powered by Crobox’s persuasion profiling technology. Crobox attempts to “bridge the gap between merchants and consumers,” creating an ecosystem where both consumers and merchants win.

Victor lets shoppers manage, secure and monetize their data while sharing it with their favourite online brands. This exchange of data improves user experience and deepens customer profiles for retailers.

With Crobox’s shopping profile system, retailers can better understand the buying motivations and behaviour of its customer base, leading to more targeted traffic and higher conversions. Crobox uses AI to personalize and customize the customer journey, which allows brands to communicate with their audiences in the best possible way. Customers also benefit from this tech, as they have an improved experience when searching for information and making a buying decision.

As a decentralized platform, Victor intersects the relationship between retailer and customer, transferring the power of choice and their data back to the user and away from the monopolistic nature of centralized platforms, a sign that e-commerce is changing for both retailers and customers.

Customers can choose what information they’d like to share with companies to personalize their shopping experience. Information like one’s height, weight, shoe size or favourite color can be shared so that only the most relevant ads and listings are displayed by the retailer. The display of highly relevant and personalized listings will help retailers with cart abandonment and may increase sales, while customers see only the most relevant items that match their preferences, controlling the data they share at the same time.

Victor will be released as a mobile app, browser extension, and desktop app, and is currently in development, due for release in Q4 of this year. Customer information will be controlled by this application once it is released, saving data like shopper’s payment details, shipping addresses, and other personalized information.

As an incentive for customers to sign up and start shopping with Victor, customers are given a chance to earn Victor utility tokens. Victor tokens can be redeemed for discounts, free shipping, early bird discounts and other deals. Customers can also receive free Victor tokens by referring their friends and family to join the platform.

Besides earning users and encouraging them to use the platform, Victor also requires the cooperation of e-commerce platforms to integrate with its technology, which is well under way. Victor is talking with global e-commerce leaders and has started the process of acquiring partnerships. Finally, Victor’s marketing department has put an emphasis on user awareness and acquisition too, with a collaborative effort planned between Victor and its partners to promote the platform to their existing userbase.

As part of the talk in Amsterdam, Rodger Buyvoets stated that Victor intends to raise capital for the project – although not for its development. The future funds will be used to develop the Victor ecosystem for both customers and their ecommerce partners.

Find more information about Victor, visit their website, Twitter, Telegram or Reddit.