In July 2018, seven members from community development group, City of Zion, travelled to the NEO offices in Shanghai. The purpose of the visit was to collaborate with NEO Global Development on the neo-sharp project through a joint development sprint. The following video documents City of Zion’s visit to the NEO office and their reflections on the collaboration experience.

Although City of Zion and NGD work together often, the neo-sharp sprint was the first collaboration of its kind. The sprint was attended by developers @ashant, @shargon, @belane, @snowypowers, @ricklock, @gil.melanke and @koba.

Neo-sharp is a project that was started by City of Zion council member, @ashant, and is a new C# node implementation created with modularity, flexibility and testability in mind. It has been described as City of Zion’s “flagship” project and is considered to play an important role in helping NEO achieve its technological goals, such as reaching 100,000 transactions per second by 2020.

Neo-sharp’s modular architecture will allow for “plug and play” type implementations of different elements such as consensus mechanisms, virtual machines, persistences and network protocols. This will allow for improved research and development and optimized testing, allowing the developers to more efficiently upgrade the platform.

To learn more about the neo-sharp project, visit the GitHub or read our interview with the neo-sharp maintainer, Alex Guba.

More information on City of Zion can be found at the links below.