NEO released its monthly report for August 2019, which highlighted the debut of NEO•ONE, NeoFS, and the NEO Blockchain Toolkit during the press conference of its inaugural NEO Community Assembly. Further, August saw the NEO blockchain witness the launch of SeraphID, and became the first and only blockchain project member to join the .NET foundation. Additionally, the monthly report included technical updates to NEO 2.x, progress achieved on NEO3, and community developer updates.

NEO Global Development (NGD) EcoGrowth associate manager, Denis Suslov, participated in an interview with to discuss the recent partnership with Arkane, a wallet-as-a-service and API/SDK provider.

NEO co-founder and NGD CEO, Da Hongfei, was interviewed by Bloomberg and offered his views on recent discussions surrounding digital currencies by the People’s Bank of China (PBOC).

NGD Seattle chief architect, Harry Pierson, participated on NEO News Today’s podcast to discuss his long career with Microsoft, his experience working with John DeVadoss, and the tools he is building for the NEO platform.

NEO hosted QLC Chain in NGD’s English NEO LIVE event, held on Telegram. QLC Chain chief architect, Allen Lee, and marketing and PR director, Toya Zhang participated in the AMA, discussing the QLC Chain dual-token model, telecommunications services offered by QLC Chain, and more.

Alchemint CTO, Chris Qi, participated in the Chinese NEO LIVE event, which is held on the NEO WeChat. Qi outlined the operation model of Alchemint and how it can be used to mint stablecoins on NEO.

NNT Catch Up

Da Hongfei, was recently interviewed by Forkast News. In a brief, 10-minute video interview, Da discussed NEO’s planned interoperability protocol, its support for multiple programming languages, and NEO blockchain’s NeoFS, a distributed object storage service currently in development.

NGD concluded its inaugural NEO Community Assembly; a gathering of developers, researchers, and other NEO community members from around the world for a week of discussion on the direction of NEO.

Developer Groups

COZ developer Joe Stewart (Hal0x2328) released a NEO3 Privatenet Tutorial. The document describes “the setup for a single-node-consensus privatenet, which is sufficient for most contract and dApp testing purposes.”


September 9th, Nash announced the official launch its non-custodial exchange minimum viable product (MVP). Features available include funds management, cross-chain asset trading, fiat ramps, and NEX staking.

September 9th, Moonlight announced an impending update to its Lux (LX) token migration contract. LX token holders will not need to do anything during the contract migration.

September 9th, Travala conducted an ask me anything (AMA) on its sub-Reddit to answer questions surrounding its recent announcement to migrate to the Binance Chain.

September 9th, Alchemint released its monthly report for August 2019, which offered an overview of the overall mortgage rate, development of the platform, and events attended.

September 11th, imusify announced the beginning of its airdrop distribution.

September 11th, Narrative updated its content rating protocols. Users can now add a reason when reporting Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) violations, and remove quality or age rating votes.

September 12th, Switcheo listed the NEO/DAI atomic swap market on its non-custodial exchange. Additionally, CEO, Ivan Poon, participated in a live interview with Crypto Beadles at Invest: Asia in Singapore on the second day of the event.

September 12th, Narrative announced the addition of two new volunteer Tribunal members. Narrative said, “adding the two community (non-staff) members grows the Tribunal members from 7 to 9 and keeps the membership an odd number to break any ties.”

September 13th, Switcheo announced it has integrated its non-custodial exchange with Coinbase Wallet’s WalletLink API. The WalletLink integration now allows “Coinbase Wallet users [to] securely access and administer their funds to trade on Switcheo from any modern browser.”

September 13th, NEO Colorado announced its next meetup, “NEO and Beer,” which will be co-hosted by Denver Blockchain. The event aims to share a first-hand account of some of the conversations that were held at the NEO Community Assembly in Shanghai with the Colorado blockchain community.

September 13th, Nash announced its 2019 Quarterly Event, which is scheduled to take place in Lisbon, Portugal on Saturday, October 19th. The theme of the event is “Operations and Mobile.”

Token Listings

Switcheo lists NEO/DAI atomic swaps. lists GAS.


September 22nd: NEO JOY – Chengdu, China.

September 26th: NEO LIVE – NewEconoLabs (NEL).

October 2-4th: Da Hongfei speaking at Delta Summit – Valetta, Malta.

October 5th: John Wang speaking at Unblock Tokyo: Ecosystem Fast Track – Tokyo, Japan.

October 10th: NEO LIVE – CardMaker.