City of Zion has released the results of its second dApp competition. Developers submitted entries to win a share in 13,500 GAS, with winners receiving 1,350 GAS each.

The purpose of the City of Zion dApp competitions are to drive the development of the NEO ecosystem. Entrants were encouraged to visit the NEO Discord for questions and support, and the GAS prize will provide enough funds to deploy an application to the NEO MainNet.

At total of 36 entries were received. The list of winners for dApp comp 2 is as follows:

Honorable mentions were given to:

Tyler Adams, City of Zion co-founder and council member, was pleased with the progress the development community has made.

“For the second dApp competition, we received significantly more entries than for the first. What was more impressive, however, was the maturity of the projects. This makes a strong statement for how the developer tools and community have matured over the past few months. I am very excited to see how these projects develop in the near future.”

Winners of the first dApp comp include Switcheo Exchange, who have recently held a token sale and deployed to MainNet, and iMusify and NeoAuth, who are also moving towards official launches.

For more information on the dApp competition winners you can click here.