Zeepin have announced themselves as another new project coming to the NEO ecosystem by accepting AMA questions on the NEO subreddit. Questions can be submitted from 4pm (UTC) on Friday, November 24th until 3:59pm (UTC) on Tuesday, November 28th. Questions will be collected, answered and published on Wednesday, Nov. 29th.

You can start submitting questions here – https://www.reddit.com/r/NEO/comments/7f94vs/ama_from_today_nov_24th_zeepin_the_distributed/

Zeepin describes itself as a ‘decentralized innovation community’, and is committed to developing a transaction and investment platform for the global creative industry, and incubating a large number of self-governing for-profit creative organizations.

As a result, Zeepin hopes to create a fair and efficient creative ecosystem – a type of project management platform featuring various kinds of dApps that solve problems related to the protection of innovation copyright, remote cooperation, talent recruitment, and project financing.

Some of the dApps that will be available on ZeeRights includes –

  • ZeeCrew – a key public facility in the community enabling any organizations or individuals to form decentralized and autonomous project teams.
  • ZeeRights – helps innovators with copyright protection and ensures tradable digital assets.
  • ZeeCreate – connects with ZPTs through the embedded smart contract, quickly bridging creative contents and people in need of creative ideas.
  • ZeeTalent – enables identity of community users to be authenticated through KYC.
  • ZeeFund – allows autonomous teams to quickly launch project crowd-funding and obtain investment support in the form of ZPTs.

The AMA will be hosted by Zhu Fei, founder and CEO, Shenbi Xu, co-founder and chief strategy officer, and Jason Xu, Senior developer.

For more information you can visit – https://www.zeepin.io/