Singapore-based project Zeepin, who aims to create a “distributed new economy for the creative industries”, has announced an updated design of its upcoming public blockchain, Zeepin Chain. Zeepin previously had plans for a dual-chain model, with one consortium blockchain to process business transactions, and one public blockchain for token transactions. However, both of these functions have been delegated to a single blockchain, the Zeepin Chain, of which the MainNet is scheduled to go live on August 31st, 2018.

Zeepin give several reasons for the merger to Zeepin Chain, whose TestNet has been operational since April 2018. Zeepin claims to have 4,000 – 5,000 TPS capacity on its current TestNet, which it says is enough to fulfill its requirements for dApps and transactions on its blockchain. Additionally, Zeepin prefers to focus in the future on the maintenance and operation of only one blockchain instead of two, and projects that a single blockchain will have a more “transparent, open, and fair” plan of development.

Instructions for swapping NEO blockchain assets ZPT and GALA to the Zeepin Chain, as well as Zeepin’s Ecosystem Yellowpaper, are planned for release before the MainNet launch.


In other Zeepin news, its mobile game CryptoGalaxy v1.5 beta has gone live with versions 1.6 and beyond in active development. Version 1.5 integrates a ZPT wallet into the app, and will begin distributing the in-game currency, GALA, daily.

The amount of GALA players will receive increases with both the amount of ZPT held in the in-game wallet, and the number of days it has been held. Daily GALA awards start for eligible players on August 10th.

Version 1.6 is scheduled for release by the end of August, and will add planet trading, galaxy exploration, support for the Zeepin Chain mainnet, and support for ZPT and GALA withdrawals. Version 1.7 and beyond will allow players to write new planets directly onto the Zeepin Chain.

More information on the Zeepin and CryptoGalaxy can be found at the links below.