The Zeepin foundation has released further information on the features of the Crypto Galaxy game, a space exploration dApp with collectible assets.

Crypto Galaxy is a blockchain-powered game that allows users to explore a virtual universe and chart their progress for others. Users can also form and name planets, start alliances, and keep their worlds as digital assets on the Zeepin blockchain. Crypto Galaxy aims to be both entertaining and profitable as users earn Gala tokens, its internal currency. Gala tokens can be obtained by performing numerous in-game tasks. All assets are recorded and operated on the Zeepin Chain.

Any user who owns ZPT or NEO can activate their planets in the galaxy and become its owner. Each world belongs to a particular galaxy, while the block heights and nodes determine galaxy exploration.

Features of Crypto Galaxy

Each player is an explorer in the game and will embark on a journey to discover new worlds. Players can form an alliance with other players to start a nation. If players decide to team up and form an alliance, they’ll get a ranking that reflects the number of planets owned by players in a specific nation. The alliance that owns the most planets will be at the top of the leaderboard.

Crypto Galaxy seeks to impress its users with interesting visuals, rendered in Unity 3D technology. This rendering is done in real time, creating exclusive attributes for planets. Each planet is unique, thanks to a random pattern of colors, physiognomy and other characteristics.


Each planet is a digital asset owned by players on the Crypto Galaxy blockchain. The planet’s value is determined by their rarity and personalization. Customizing planets can increase their value in the Galaxy Store. Aside from planets, the Gala token is another asset that fuels the Crypto Galaxy economy, obtainable for free by completing tasks and used in the game ecosystem and planet trading. Players can mine Mythic crystals too, which can be found on each planet and converted to Gala tokens.

The first batch of planets is limited in quantity, as only 2000 planets will be released over the first 60 days.

The development team is working with cosmologists and astronomers to structure the astrophysical model of a real galaxy. This is done to in an effort to create an engaging experience for its users and make Crypto Galaxy something that people will want to play over and over again.

More information on the Crypto Galaxy project can be found on its website here, and its Telegram channel.

If you’d like more details on the founders of Crypto Galaxy, Zeepin, you can visit their website, Twitter, and Facebook.