On Thursday March 1st, 2018, Zeepin announced there will be a GALA Airdrop to all ZPT token holders. The airdrop is utilizing two different snapshots. The first snapshot happened on March 1st at block height 1976445, and the second snapshot is estimated to happen on March 15th at block height 2022966. The GALA token will be used as fuel for Galaxy, an upcoming dApp representing a virtual universe.

In order to participate users will need hold ZPT tokens in a NEO wallet. Anyone holding ZPT in their NEO wallet during the snapshots will receive the GALA award within one week of the second snapshot. The ratio of ZPT to GALA has not yet been disclosed. 

KuCoin have announced the they are supporting the airdrop.

Galaxy is a blockchain powered entertainment dApp in the form of a virtual universe. This virtual universe is composed of countless planets created by users, and will run on the Zeepin blockchain. Using the Zeepin Name Service, users will be able to name their planet, which can also be used to identify their wallets instead of a hash code. Every planet is imbued with energy, and the owner can collect this energy in the form of ZPT tokens. Users can own a whole galaxy by submitting an application to become a global node on the Zeepin blockchain.

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By Chase Cook