Kellogg Fairbank, head of global business development at Nash, recently joined NNT for a demo of Nash Link – Nash’s new payment platform for merchants. Fairbank also provided a demo of Nash Link Invoice, a new service that allows contractors to utilize the Nash Link platform to generate invoices and accept payments in cryptocurrency.

Nash Link is aimed at making it seamless to accept cryptocurrency payments whilst avoiding the usual volatility risks or fees associated with traditional transactions.

Nash Link is designed to serve the same purpose as user-friendly payment services such as Paypal or Stripe. It goes a step further with its focus on blockchain-based payments, cutting out middlemen and enabling faster cross-border payments at a significantly reduced cost.

Nash’s payment solution takes care of all blockchain integration for its users. Digital assets are received from customers, directly converted to USDC on the Nash Exchange, and then settled with merchants directly in national currencies.

The full video can be found below.