Meme2Earn has unveiled its new Creator Leaderboard, introducing a new way to earn cryptocurrency via engagement with the platform. Users now have the opportunity to share in monthly rewards of 1 trillion TIPS by interacting on and climbing the leaderboard.

The Meme2Earn Creator Leaderboard operates on a monthly cycle, with the top 100 users sharing the reward pool. Award distribution is based on users’ active participation, which includes posting memes, commenting, and giving and receiving upvotes.

The award allocation is tiered, with the first-place winner receiving 225 billion TIPS, followed by decreasing amounts down to the 100th position. This structure incentivizes top performers while encouraging consistent participation from the platform’s user base more broadly.

In addition to the leaderboard, Meme2Earn has also introduced a new feature for tracking platform statistics. This includes data on total memes posted, user counts, meme impressions, and referral activities. These statistics offer insights into the platform’s growth and user engagement, providing feedback for both users and the Meme2Earn team.

The full announcement can be found at the following link: