MegaOasis is hosting the launch of Chinese artist Yuan Jinhua’s Nuanced Floral Symphony NFT collection on Nov. 24. The collection is based on concept art of the same name, created by Yuan in 2017.

MegaOasis is an NFT marketplace that aims to bring traditional artists into Neo’s NFT ecosystem. Yuan Jinhua is described as a world renowned ink artist and one of the foremost representatives of Chinese modern art. Yuan graduated from the China Art Institute with a B.A in Chinese Painting in 1988 and later received his Ph.D. in Arts in 2009 from the same school.

Yuan has been included in over 100 exhibitions, including the 57th Venice Biennale in Italy and Milan Design Week in 2017. In 2015, his series of work Embraces sold at Sotheby’s for US $73,755.

Nuanced Floral Symphony – 31 Mirror Flowers

The Nuanced Floral Symphony collection is based on concept artwork of the same name that ran from Jun. 30 to Jul. 30, 2017. The work was a multi-media installation that combined performance art, time-based installation, and conceptual art.

It involved the arrangement of flowers, running water, candlelight, and Buddha statues in the middle of an art gallery located on Laodong Road, a famous cultural street in Hangzhou. The installation also included a large laser “scanner” that would move back and forth across the work, accompanied by an electromagnetic sound.

The Rich Tangy Scent of Superficial Scratches by Yuan Jinhua

The Rich Tangy Scent of Superficial Scratches

The exhibition lasted for one month, over which time the work transformed as flowers wilted, candles ran down, and people moved in and out of the gallery. Yuan considered the interactions of visitors as part of the work, with each expression and reaction unique to the changing state of installation. He said:

“Recording a month’s worth of flowers, in fact, the life of a flower, from flowers to withering and dying, is equivalent to the concept of time. The same is true for people, who come and walk naked, and life is concise. One flower, one world, one leaf, one coming, finally expressed a kind of respect for life, a kind of reverence.”

During the installation, Yuan expressed his own emotions and the emotions of visitors through traditional Chinese paintings of flowers and birds. He discussed the creation of these sketches with the audience, asking them to describe their own impressions and perspectives.

Sunset Reflection by Yuan Jinhua

Sunset Reflection

The sketches were later combined with photography from the original installation, resulting in the 31 Mirror Flowers collection. The creation of these new works is characterized as a process where “the expressor interprets the interpreter’s expression.”

Launch details

The Nuanced Floral Symphony collection went on sale at 10:00am UTC, Nov. 24 on the MegaOasis website. There are 32 unique NFT pieces available in total – 31 image-based NFTs, for each in the 31 Mirror Flowers collection, and one video-based NFT which captures the “time and space fragments” of the original 2017 Nuanced Floral Symphony work.

The image NFTs cost 540 NEO each, while the video has a reserve price of 3,000 NEO.

Users can browse the full collection via a 3D gallery, found at this link.

On the philosophy of NFTs as a medium for preserving art, Yuan said:

“What the artist hopes is that the concept of the entire work can be extended for a long time, which is mutually exclusive with the irreproducibility of artistic experiments; such an oxymoron exudes captivating charm. It is like a Node, a record of things that cannot be recorded in art history. So I want to try to save a work that has happened in the form of NFT: it exists and will not exist again. All works of art cannot exist forever. I want to use NFT, a relatively long-term art carrier that discusses whether an artwork can have another form of direct interpretation when it only exists in the record.”

The announcement for the launch can be found at the link below: