Neobox recently soft-launched its Dropbox-like app and has slowly been drip-feeding mini-games and other dApps to the platform. Neobox is a user interface that lets users upload and access files stored on NeoFS, Neo’s distributed storage network. It was founded and built by the team behind Pixudi, the cross-chain NFT board racing game.

According to the team, “Neobox represents a groundbreaking service akin to Google Drive or Dropbox, but powered by NeoFS technology on the Neo blockchain.”

Source: Neobox

The Neobox platform offers a simple user interface for storing files on NeoFS. The platform is currently a minimum viable product, with features continuing to periodically roll out. Currently, Neobox users can upload smaller files to the application, access several mini-games, and use a word processor, NeoDocs, capable of creating a text or PDF file.

Ultimately, users will be able to create, delete, upload, and share files and folders. For now, the app offers limited functionality; while files can be uploaded and shared, they currently can’t be removed.


Alongside the file storage features, Neobox also serves as a dApp repository for games and other applications that can be built on top of NeoFS. The Apps page currently hosts five in-browser games the team has launched: Snake, Tetris, Pacman, and 3072. The first three games have been around for decades, but the fourth was recently built by the Neobox team.

The new game is played on a 4 x 4 grid. Players use the arrow keys to move blocks and combine them with blocks of the same number. Once combined, the two blocks merge into one another, creating a new block totaling the sum of the previous two. The game’s goal is to merge enough blocks into one another until they reach the number 3,072.

Source: Neobox

In addition to the games, Neobox hosts NeoDocs, a document editor for creating text and PDF files. Users can input text and photos and choose from a minimal selection of fonts and formats for headers.


The Neobox team is launching an NFT built on Neo’s NEP-11 standard, as well as a fungible NEOBOX NEP-17 token.

Neobox NFTs will have utility baked into the token, primarily focused on providing additional storage support on the Neobox platform. The Neobox NFT collection will have a total token supply of 10,000, which will also be assigned rarity values. The rarer the NFT, the more storage and access to exclusive services.

The team will also put a Willy Wonka-inspired twist on the collection, where three of the total supply will act as “Golden Tickets.” These Golden Tickets will offer the owner a significantly larger network storage than what is typically available to other NFT holders.

The NEOBOX token will be used for various purposes, both on the Neobox platform and on Pixudi. On Neobox, the token will be used to pay for services, reward content creators and collaborators, offer access to exclusive features, and raise funds for game development. On Pixudi, NEOBOX tokens will be used to purchase in-game items (i.e., Mystery Packs).

Additionally, as an homage to the Neo ecosystem, NEOBOX will be part of a dual-token economy, where GAS is used to pay for basic network operations, and NEOBOX tokens are used to access advanced services and features.

Early Access Program

Alongside the soft-launch, Neobox is hosting an early access program for users to earn rewards. The program offers a pre-sale where users can contribute GAS or NEO to claim a stake in the upcoming NFT series with subscription benefits and a bonus amount of NEOBOX NEP-17 tokens.

The team aims to raise 100,000 NEO in two phases. The first phase is ongoing until the team raises 50,000 NEO (or its equivalent in GAS). Those who contribute to the early access program will receive 100% of NEOBOX tokens once they’re generated and distributed.

The second phase will run until the second 50,000 NEO (or equivalent GAS) are raised. Contributors to phase two can claim immediate access to 25% of their token allocation, with the remaining 75% to be unlocked throughout a six-month period after the token generation event.

Users are strongly encouraged to contribute NEO or GAS from their personal wallets. The Neobox team seeks to ensure the rewards for the early access program are distributed properly, and is asking users to avoid sending funds from exchanges or routing services.

In a conversation with NNT, Neobox leadership stated that the early access program may conclude at any time because of interest from larger-scale industry partners. However, at the time of press, there’s no indication of who these partners might be.

Neobox can be accessed at the link below: