PoP Planet, a SocialFi communication dApp that allows users to curate communities and deploy digital assets, has announced plans to integrate Neo X. Based out of Japan, the PoP Planet team made the announcement about its collaboration with Neo on social media.

About PoP Planet

PoP Planet aims to incorporate blockchain to empower creators and key opinion leaders to monetize their influence and manage communities.

When registering, users can create a profile with a phone number or a blockchain wallet. Each new profile created on PoP Planet is represented by a unique Profile NFT that enables the tokenization of content and data via smart contracts.

The Profile NFTs are built using the ERC-6551 NFT standard, which adds smart contract functionality to make them capable of owning assets, interacting with dApps, and serving as a form of on-chain identity. For example, on PoP Planet, community creators can leverage the Profile NFTs to distribute rewards to community members.

Source: PoP Planet

Further, the Profile NFTs can be used to help build a social graph for owners and the communities in which they engage. A social graph represents the relationships between individuals, groups, or entities and how they’re connected. Blockchain improves the concept of social graphs for individuals by allowing them to own and control their data.

After registering, users can create a “planet,” which serves as a chat room where owners can invite anyone to join and potentially distribute tokens or rewards to those who are a part of the chatroom.

In addition to community-oriented features, PoP Planet allows users to view other NFTs associated with their wallet and create unique tokens to airdrop to users.

The app is available for iOS in the Apple Store and Android in Google Play.

APAC roots

The PoP Planet collaboration directly results from Neo’s efforts to engage with blockchain companies, builders, and key opinion leaders in various regions during the 2023 APAC Hackathon tour. The tour was not only intended to attract projects through the hackathon, but also for networking and business development to grow Neo’s influence in the region.

Neo leadership visited five cities as part of “GAS Station events” that hosted mini-hackathons, stopping in Tokyo in July 2023. The relationship with PoP Planet was established during this visit. Neo also recently introduced the Neo Japan Community, aimed at making Neo ecosystem information available to the Japanese speaking market.

The announcement can be found at the link below: