Rentfuse is hosting a community contest that will reward 15 participants for unique content submissions and for helping test the renting and lending protocol through Fusekind Bits on N3 TestNet. The winners will be determined by community vote beginning March 31, 2022, and will each receive a Neoverse blindbox NFT.

There are four categories that individuals can participate in, including Pioneer, Artist, Memer, and Bits. The first three categories are content-oriented, and the fourth revolves around testing the Rentfuse protocol with the Fusekind Bits NFTs on N3 TestNet.

The Pioneer category focuses on users’ articles or posts oriented around Rentfuse. The Artist category is for participants who seek to contribute to any artistic endeavor, including a drawing, music piece, or other media. The Memer category encourages participants to contribute memes that focus on NFT renting.

Once the content is drafted, participants must post their contributions on Twitter that include the following hashtags: #RENTFUSE and #REFUSPACE. Afterward, they must submit a link to the Tweet on the following registration form:

The final category, Bits, will reward the three wallets with the highest score on the Fusekind Bits campaign underway on N3 TestNet. When participants either rent or lend a Bits NFT, they will receive one of three Bits in return. The more rent/lease cycles participants complete, the higher their “Bits score,” tallied according to the number of Bits NFTs owned.

About Rentfuse

Rentfuse is a protocol that enables NFT owners on Neo N3 to rent out their assets while maintaining ownership control. It allows borrowers to use an NFT for a predetermined period in exchange for GAS without the owner relinquishing custody of the asset.

Once the Fusekind NFT series is live on Neo N3 MainNet, holders will gain various types of utility, such as fee discounts, premium access to areas of the ecosystem, and other forthcoming concepts that arise as the team develops its project.

To learn more about the community campaign, visit the link below: