An Open Letter

Dear Neo community was launched in September 2017. It seems like such a long time ago now.

We started NNT because we were inspired by two things: One, the many “do-ers” from all over the world that were attracted to the project. Two, Neo’s vision of a Smart Economy and its philosophy of pragmatic idealism.

We wanted to show up and contribute something of value.

In the years that followed, we have endeavored to bring you the most up-to-date and accurate information from all around the Neo ecosystem. We have tried to give Neo’s developers and the projects that build here a platform to reach the community. We have sometimes described ourselves in private as a “public utility,” emphasizing our desire to exist for the benefit of all.

These last four years have been a journey, that’s for sure. We still remember the days of AntShares. We remember the excitement of the rebrand to Neo. We remember Neo’s first ever token sale. We remember the feeling around Neo DevCon 1, or the many meetups that took place throughout Europe, Asia, and the USA.

We also remember the long blocks, the bear markets, three blessings, and the projects that didn’t make it. We waited patiently for N3.

We experienced the high points and low points, right alongside you.

If there was one thing we would tell you about what we have witnessed over the years, through the fads and phases, crashes and crazes, it is this: There are so many good people around this project. We look around and see people of the highest caliber that could literally do anything they wanted. Yet, they choose to spend their efforts here. That says something about Neo.

At NNT, we don’t just believe in Neo as a project, or as a token, or even as a technology - we believe in Neo as a community. Projects are only as good as the people who work on them, and we’ve been lucky to work alongside and get to know some of the best.

And now here we are, standing at the dawn of N3, with one set of challenges behind us, and a whole new set of challenges ahead. We were incredibly honored to be chosen by the Neo Foundation as one of the initial council members for Neo N3. But we can only keep our position as a Neo Council member with your support.

As a news outlet, we’ve always tried to report with a level of professionalism, in a responsible and non-sensationalized tone. We pride ourselves on being meticulous and fair in an industry that is often driven by hot-takes and wild claims. We have spent years getting to know everyone and everything in and around Neo so that we’re informed enough to keep you informed.

As a Neo Council member, we will adhere to these same principles, leaning on our knowledge, experience, and our own brand of pragmatic idealism. We will always act in the ecosystem’s best interest, and will listen to you, the voters, when making governance decisions.

As you are probably aware, Neo Council members receive a split of 10% of newly generated GAS on Neo N3. We plan to actively invest portions of this revenue back into funding initiatives that will benefit the community and ecosystem growth. Whether it’s supporting developers with small grants, sponsoring hackathons, funding educational initiatives, incentivizing community activities, or providing new utilities, we are excited by what this opportunity will allow us to accomplish in service of the greater good.

And so, having made this pledge to you, we humbly ask for your vote. When you migrate your NEO tokens from Neo Legacy to Neo N3 and choose your candidate, please consider Neo News Today as your ecosystem representative.

N3 is a brand new chapter for all of us, and we’d be honored to be your voice on the Neo Council long into the future.

Wake up, Neo.

The NNT team

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