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The Neo News Today Podcast has now become the Smart Economy Podcast. Listen to old episodes of the Neo News Today Podcast below.


Tyler Adams | COZ - NNT065

November 22nd, 2021

Dylan speaks with Tyler Adams, co-founder and acting CEO of COZ. Discussion topics include why the team is integrating the WalletConnect protocol into the NEON wallet, participating in Neo's governance process and recent voting, a streaming payment service in development, and much more!


Odd Jørgen Røland and Adrian Fjellberg | Flamingo - NNT064

November 8th, 2021

Dylan speaks with Odd Jørgen Røland and Adrian Fjellberg, the co-founders of MyMingo, the team which recently took over the responsibility for Flamingo Finance. Discussion topics include the team's previous professional experience in data and user interfaces, making the Flamingo platform accessible for all users, integrating the new bNEO standard into the platform, and much more!


Neo MainNet 5 Year Anniversary Special - NNT063

October 17th, 2021

As Neo celebrates the 5 year anniversary of its MainNet, Dylan spoke to 11 prominent members of the Neo community on this special episode of the Neo News Today podcast. Listen in to hear what representatives from NGD, COZ, NeoSPCC, and more had to say about Neo's past, present, and future. Topics include what initially made them interested in building on Neo, their views on the smart economy, their favorite contributions by other developers, their favorite events or moments of the past 5 years, and finally, what they think might be the top headline on Neo News Today 5 years from now.


Keith Hudnall | Elements - NNT062

September 20th, 2021

Dylan speaks with Keith Hudnall, the CTO of Elemental Computing Inc., the company behind Elements. Discussion topics include what server-side solutions entail, why the team chose Neo for its first partnership with a blockchain entity, NFTs and their potential purposes, and much more.


Michael Fabozzi | Rentfuse - NNT061

September 6th, 2021

Dylan speaks with Michael Fabozzi, the founder of Rentfuse, winner of the Best NFT Project award in the Neo Frontier Launchpad. Discussion topics include his experience developing on Neo, unique opportunities renting NFTs can offer, how to make it easier for Rentfuse to be integrated into dApps, and much more.


Thomas Geyer | Chain.Game - NNT060

August 23rd, 2021

Dylan speaks with Thomas Geyer, the project lead for Chain.Game, a participant in the recent Neo Frontier Launchpad. Discussion topics include how the Neo blockchain was integrated into their RPG, what they looked for in potential blockchains, differences between building on Neo Legacy vs. Neo N3, and much more.


Jason & Mario | Humswap - NNT059

August 9th, 2021

Dylan speaks with Jason Tezanos and Mario Lopez about Humswap, a DeFi and NFT platform, and Excellence award winner from the Neo Frontier Launchpad. Discussion topics include Jason and Mario's backgrounds in blockchain and PayPal, the inspiration behind Humswap, their experience building on Neo N3, and much more.


Vincent Geneste | GhostMarket - NNT058

July 26th, 2021

Dylan speaks to Vincent Geneste, founder of the GhostMarket NFT marketplace. Discussion topics include the formalization of GhostMarket from a side project into a structured company, Neo Legacy vs Neo N3, establishing support for multiple chains, working with well known brands, and much more.


Guil Machado & Claude Müller | AxLabs - NNT057

July 12, 2021

Dylan speaks with Guilherme Sperb Machado and Claude Müller of AxLabs. Discussion topics include the neow3j tools for building Java smart contracts on Neo, the importance of documentation, Neo Frontier Launchpad developer feedback, why people should build on Neo, and much more.


Stanislav Bogatyrev | Neo SPCC - NNT056

June 28, 2021

Dylan speaks with Stanislav Bogatyrev, CIO of Neo SPCC about NeoFS. Discussion topics include how it natively integrates with the Neo blockchain, use cases for the distributed object storage system, how regular NEO holders can participate in the network, and much more.


Joe Stewart | COZ - NNT055

June 14, 2021

Dylan speaks with Joe Stewart, Special Projects Engineer at COZ. Discussion topics include how the Neo development experience has evolved since 2017, the COZ Flyby hackathon, the Neo Frontier Launchpad, and much more.


Vladimir Tomko | Blockchain Cuties - NNT054

May 31, 2021

Dylan speaks with Vladimir Tomko, CEO and co-founder of the Blockchain Cuties collectable adventure game. Discussion topics include Blockchain Cuties gameplay, why the team chose Neo as one of its supported blockchains, the importance of in-game economic models, the evolving NFT market, and more.


Vishnu Korde | StackOS - NNT053

May 17, 2021

Dylan speaks with Vishnu Korde, CEO of StackOS. Discussion topics include the journey of StackOS since its inception, how StackOS simplifies developers lives, support for N3, its relationship with NGD, the importance of advisors, interoperability, and more.


Xena Kash | NOWPayments - NNT052

May 3, 2021

Dylan speaks with Xena Kash, CEO of cryptocurrency payments gateway, NOWPayments. Discussion topics include cryptocurrency payments adoption, choosing cryptocurrencies to support on the platform, NOWPayments clients, its relationship with Neo, and much more.


Harry Pierson | NGD Enterprise - NNT051

April 5, 2021

Dylan speaks with Harry Pierson, chief architect at NGD Enterprise. Discussion topics include the Neo Blockchain Toolkit and the many features that make development easy on Neo N3, lessons learned since Harry joined the blockchain world, attracting new developers to the Neo ecosystem, and much more.


Kevin Owocki | GitCoin - NNT050

February 22, 2021

Dylan speaks to Kevin Owocki, founder of open-source grant distribution platform, GitCoin. Discussion topics include new economic models in open-source development, using quadratic formulas to improve voting and funding distribution, supporting developers in new ecosystems, and much more.


Steven Liu | Neo Foundation - NNT049

February 8, 2021

Dylan speaks with Steven Liu, technologist at the Neo Foundation and tech lead for Flamingo Finance. Discussion topics include Steven's various roles at Neo, Flamingo's place in the Neo ecosystem, the development and roll out of Neo3, and much more.


Alexander DiGirolamo | O3 Labs - NNT048

January 11, 2021

Dylan speaks with Alexander DiGirolamo, lead business developer for O3 Labs. Discussion topics include how building a multi-chain wallet can help capture market share, navigating market sentiment, next steps for O3 Labs, and much more.


Mark Jeffrey | Guardian Circle - NNT047

December 28, 2020

Dylan speaks with Mark Jeffrey, CEO of the Guardian Circle community emergency response app. Discussion topics include user growth trends in 2020, GUARD network activity, US panic button laws, DeFi, invoice lending, and much more.


Ivan Poon | Switcheo - NNT046

December 14, 2020

Dylan speaks to Ivan Poon, co-founder and CEO of Switcheo Exchange. Discussion topics include operating an exchange through bull and bear markets, traditional fund-raising vs token offerings, TradeHub, PolyNetwork, Flamingo, Neo3, and much more.


Igor Coelho | NeoResearch - NNT045

November 30, 2020

Dylan speaks to Igor Coelho of the NeoResearch academic community in a follow up to episode 44's chat with brother and co-founder, Vitor. Discussion topics include Igor's invitation to the government established Brazilian Committee for Blockchain, Neo-based grants for university students, Neo3, and much more.


Vitor Coelho | NeoResearch - NNT044

November 16, 2020

Dylan speaks to Vitor Coelho of the NeoResearch academic community. Discussion topics include the NeoResearch team and its founding, its recently published MILP model for testing PBFT-inspired consensus mechanisms, upcoming Neo3 changes, and much more.


Guilherme Sperb Machado & Claude Müller | AxLabs - NNT043

November 2, 2020

Dylan speaks with Guilherme Sperb Machado and Claude Müller of AxLabs. Discussion topics include neow3j and the Java developer experience, AxLabs' new Neo Playground product, integrating work from other Neo developer communities, blockchain mass adoption, and more.


John Wang | NGD EcoGrowth - NNT042

October 12, 2020

Dylan speaks with John Wang, Ecosystem Growth director at NGD. Discussion topics include the day to day work of the Ecosystem Growth team, the types of projects it seeks to collaborate with, differences in building relationships with Chinese vs international projects, interoperability, Neo3, DeFi, Flamingo Finance, and much more.


Yuan Gao | Flamingo Finance - NNT041

SEPTEMBER 21, 2020

Dylan speaks with Yuan Gao from Neo Global Development about Flamingo Finance, the new Neo-based DeFi protocol under incubation by NGD. Discussion topics include a comparison between Flamingo and Ethereum-based DeFi platforms, NGD's role in the project, strategic goals, and how listeners can participate in the upcoming FLM Mint Rush.


Tyler Adams - Part 2 | COZ - NNT040

SEPTEMBER 14, 2020

Dylan talks to Tyler Adams, co-founder of COZ and the Moonlight and Vivid projects, in part two of a two part series. In this episode, Dylan and Tyler discuss the COZ developer community. Topics include COZ’s rebrand and core products, as well as a look back at the Antshares era and COZ’s historical role within the Neo community.


Tyler Adams - Part 1 | Moonlight / Vivid - NNT039


Dylan talks to Tyler Adams, co-founder of COZ and the Moonlight and Vivid projects, in part one of a two part series. In this episode, Dylan and Tyler focus on Moonlight and Vivid, discussing the relationship between the two projects, why developers would want to use Vivid over other identity solutions, current Moonlight functionality, and much more.


Vincent Geneste | GhostMarket - NNT038

August 24, 2020

Dylan speaks with Vincent Geneste, founder of the GhostMarket NFT explorer and trading platform. Topics of conversation include why Vincent chose to build GhostMarket, what makes it unique, his background in the Neo ecosystem, exciting features in Neo3, and much more.


Peter Lin | Alienworks - NNT037

August 9, 2020

Dylan speaks with Peter Lin, founder of the Alienworks Neo development community. Topics of discussion include Alienworks' background, its upcoming node monitor and interactive tutorial products, Peter's history working within Neo, and much more.


Alex Guba | Bridge Protocol - NNT036

July 27, 2020

Dylan speaks with Alex Guba, CTO of digital identity and compliance solution provider, Bridge Protocol. Discussion topics include Bridge Protocol use cases, digital identity verification vs authorization, why the team build Aver, cross chain support, Neo3, and much more.


Longfei Wang | Neo Foundation - NNT035

July 13, 2020

Dylan speaks with Longfei Wang, community developer strategist for the Neo Foundation. Topics include Longfei's new role within the Neo Foundation and its operations, a new Neo grants program, Neo3 progress, deliverable goals for 2020, and much more.


Paul DiMarzio | InterWork Alliance - NNT034

July 3, 2020

Dylan talks to Paul DiMarzio, marketing director for the InterWork Alliance. Discussion topics include the purpose of the IWA, it’s member driven organization, what “tokenization” means to businesses, and much more.



Ryan Lloyd | TranslateMe - NNT033

June 15, 2020

Dylan talks to Ryan Lloyd, founder of the TranslateMe translation services project. Discussion topics include: Ryan's background as an entrepreneur, his entry into the blockchain space, TranslateMe's origins in hotel menu translation, how users improve TranslateMe's algorithms, Ryan's thoughts on the Neo ecosystem, and much more.


John deVadoss | NGD Seattle - NNT032

June 1, 2020

Dylan talks to John deVadoss, head of Neo Global Development Seattle in part two of a two part series. Discussion topics include: Products released by the NGD Seattle office, John's focus on maximising the developer experience, collaborations with Microsoft and other groups in the Neo ecosystem, and much more.


John deVadoss | NGD Seattle - NNT031

May 25, 2020

Dylan talk to John deVadoss, head of Neo Global Development Seattle in part one of a two part series. Discussion topics include: what makes John passionate about Neo and the blockchain industry, the smart economy vision, how blockchain empowers the common man, the purpose of NGD Seattle, and much more.


Fouad Soultana | Novem - NNT030

May 11, 2020

Dylan talks to Fouad Soultana, COO of gold backed token project, Novem. Discussion topics include how Novem is different from other gold-backed token projects, how NNN tokens represent ownership of the underlying gold asset, how Novem's existing customers have taken to blockchain, Novem's approach to opening physical stores, and much more.


Fabio Canesin | Nash - NNT029

April 27, 2020

Dylan talks to Fabio Canesin, co-founder and chief business officer of fintech company, Nash. Discussion topics include Nash's non-custodial infrastructure, retail users vs professional traders, the launch of BTC trading, growing the platform, and much more.


Drey Ng | Liquefy - NNT028

April 13, 2020

Dylan talks to Drey Ng, chief product officer of digital securities company, Liquefy. Discussion topics include Ng's background in finance and banking, how Liquefy can digitize real estate assets, trading regulations across jurisdictions, Liquefy's relationship with Neo, and much more.


Songping Que | NGD Shanghai community operations specialist - NNT027

March 30, 2020

Dylan talks to community operations specialist from Neo Global Development, Songping Que. Discussion topics focus on the effects of the coronavirus on China-based operations and Neo's global development community, including on workplace logistics, offline events, Neo3 progress, and much more.


Brett "Edge" Rhodes | NNT Editor - NNT026

March 16, 2020

Dylan talks to Neo News Today Editor and r/Neo moderator, Brett Rhodes, better known as "Edge" within the Neo community. Discussion topics include Edge's background, how he discovered blockchain, his thoughts on consensus, making technical information accessible to every day readers, and much more.


Roman Khimov | Neo SPCC - NNT025

March 2, 2020

Dylan talks to Roman Khimov, principle software engineer of NeoSPCC, the Neo development group based in Russia who is working on projects such as NeoFS and NeoGO. Discussion topics include Roman's background in networking, differences between Neo nodes written in different programming languages, how Neo 2.x development relates to Neo3 development, what NeoSPCC finds interesting about Neo3, and much more.


Malcolm Wright | pubNooks - NNT024

February 17, 2020

Dylan talks to Malcolm Wright, one of the new co-owners of a group taking over the Narrative project. Topics include the backgrounds of the new owners, their history within the Narrative community, rebranding the platform, Narrative's path to viability, NRVE token distribution, and much more.


Kevin Truong | Archon - NNT023

February 3, 2020

Dylan talks to Kevin Truong, CEO and CTO of decentralized file storage network, Archon. Topics include what Archon is and how Neo users can interact with the network, how Archon competes with traditional cloud storage providers, what separates Archon from its competitors, and much more.


Dan Shields | Cryptorado - NNT022

January 20, 2020

Dylan talks to Dan Shields, founder of Cryptorado, a community blockchain group that focuses on education and adoption of distributed web technologies. Topics include Dan's role in the blockchain community, the culture of blockchain in Colorado, state level government projects, and how Neo can be involved.


Albert Acebron | NeoLogin - NNT021

January 6, 2020

Dylan talks to Albert Acebron, CTO of NeoLogin, a non-custodial wallet and login solution. Discussion topics include Albert's move from Ethereum to Neo, his experiences in the ecosystem, how NeoLogin works, and next steps for the project.


Veronica Wong | SafePal - NNT020

December 23, 2019

Dylan talks to Veronica Wong, CEO of hardware wallet manufacturer, SafePal. Discussion topics include the mission and goals of SafePal, team industry experience, user experience, security, planned support for a fiat on/off ramp, SafePal's relationship with Neo, and more.


Mark Jeffrey | Guardian Circle - NNT019

December 9, 2019

Dylan talks to Mark Jeffrey, CEO of decentralized emergency response network, Guardian Circle. Discussion topics include user feedback on Guardian Circle's v3.0 app, user engagement, international reach, and the project's goal of reaching 1,000,000 users as quickly as possible.