In this episode of The Smart Economy Podcast, host Dylan Grabowski is joined by Rowland Graus, Director of Product Management & Developer Relations at Agoric, a smart contract platform designed to enhance the usability of blockchain networks for end users.

Join them as they:

  • Explore Agoric’s approach to blockchain and smart contracts
  • Discuss Agoric’s specialized smart contract platform for JavaScript developers
  • Delve into Agoric’s focus on cross-chain interoperability within and outside the Cosmos Interchain
  • Shine a light on key lessons learned from attracting new builders to the Agoric platform
  • Unpack how MetaMask leveraged Agoric’s Hardened JavaScript toolkit for Snaps
  • Examine Agoric’s approach to chain abstraction, simplifying cross-chain operations for users
  • Review Agoric’s vision for stablecoins and their integration into the ecosystem
  • Dive into Rowland’s perspective on the evolving blockchain developer landscape
  • And much more!

Rowland Graus is the Director of Product Management & Developer Relations at Agoric. Involved in the blockchain and crypto space since 2016, Rowland brings a strong background in economics and product management to his role. His professional journey is marked by a passion for innovation and the challenges of building new and transformative technologies in the evolving blockchain landscape. At Agoric, Rowland has been instrumental in advancing chain abstraction techniques that unify fragmented liquidity across blockchain networks. His leadership and deep understanding of economic principles drive the strategic development of Agoric’s products, aiming to keep the platform on the cutting edge of the smart economy.

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