The Black Sea Blockchain Summit is being held on the the 25th of April, in Tbilisi, Georgia, hosted by Spotcoin, an OTC clearing house that provides ease of movement between fiat and cryptocurrencies. The summit claims to be a one of a kind interactive experience where attendees can form mutually beneficial strategic alliances and public-private partnerships that will lay the groundwork for a successful future on the blockchain.

Over 100 people will attend the summit from 9 participating countries, featuring industry leaders, educators, government representatives and tech entrepreneurs. Together, they will explore the opportunities, constraints, advantages and knowledge gaps in the blockchain’s potential.

Spotcoin has identified six objectives to guide the summit towards a successful experience for all of its attendees:

  • Increase the understanding of the value of blockchain technologies and digital currneices.
  • Explore the blockchain’s disruptive effects and its opportunities.
  • Identify blockchain projects and potential partnerships.
  • Discuss regulatory issues and solutions.
  • Understand the “demand crisis” and how to bridge the gaps of knowledge in blockchain technology and skills.
  • Establish networks, including public-private partnerships and strategic alliances for its attendees.

Spotcoin has also arranged for some different activities during the event, like forums, featured speakers, and networking events.

The cost to attend the conference is 25 GEL, with the tickets purchasable on this page at Eventbrite.

About the Organisers – Spotcoin

Spotcoin is an over the counter clearing house between crypto and fiat currencies and has expanded into mining operations and education in the Black Sea Region. Spotcoin is also building a global digital exchange based in Georgia.

Spotcoin will hold its token sale on the NEO blockchain, May 1st, 2018. Details on Spotcoin’s token sale can be found here.

Spotcoin will mint 99,000,000 SPOT tokens, of which 67% will be available during the token sale, leaving 33% reserved for SPOT holdings. Payments will be pegged to the USD value at the time of the transaction. Spotcoin will use NEP-5 compliant NEO blockchain tokens.

Also, SPOT token holders will be entitled to a weekly dividend of 51% of the total trading fees generated by Spotcoin’s digital asset exchange. SPOT token holders are also entitled to an additional quarterly dividend of 12% of the net profits derived from Spotcoin’s mining, OTC and Spotpay payments businesses.

At the heart of Spotcoin is Spotcore, a process-mapping system that consists of automatic checks on wallet balances, fiat and digital exchanges and trade matching. It’s claimed that the Spotcore engine will integrate each component of Spotcoin’s toolkit, including its fiat to digital exchange, mining operations, payment system, and OTC marketplace.

More information on Spotcoin can be found at the links below.