Neo released Neo-CLI v3.2.1, bringing new optimizations and features. Due to modifications of native contracts in v3.2.1, some data on the existing N3 TestNet will become incompatible. For this reason, the new CLI version will be deployed to a newly launched TestNet, dubbed T5. N3 MainNet deployment will commence following a testing period as in previous upgrades. If the T5 TestNet proves stable for two weeks, the MainNet update is expected to follow.

Neo Global Development hosted two technical workshops to assist participants in the Neo Polaris Launchpad. The first event on April 19 was delivered by Flamingo lead developers Adrian Fjellberg and Odd Roland. The discussion focused on clean UI/UX design. On April 21, GhostMarket co-founder Mathias Enzensberger hosted a discussion on NFT development.

NGD released its March Neo Global Monthly Development report. The report outlined the changes made in Neo-CLI version 3.2, the release of a new Debugger preview by NGD Enterprise, improvements made by Neo SPCC to the developer experience of its Go node/SDK, and much more.


April 21, Flamingo announced the upcoming launch of the Flamingo Flund, a single-staking feature that receives portions of daily minting rewards and fees accrued on the DeFi platform, and delivers that value back to fund participants.

April 22, Flamingo listed both of DogeRift’s new tokens and launched a reverse liquidity pool for each. The tokens include a Doge Food Token (DOGEF) as a form of utility token for in-app purchases, and a DogeRift Token (DOGER) for governance purposes.

April 22, NudesToken burnt approximately 4.26 trillion NEP-17 NUDES tokens from its total supply of 10 quadrillion.

April 22, Rentfuse announced the winners of the “Pioneer,” “Memer,” and “Artist” categories of the community content campaign, concluding the event.

Token Listings

FLM is now listed on the Binance custodial exchange.

NUDES is now listed on the BigONE custodial exchange.

DOGER and DOGEF tokens are now listed on the Flamingo non-custodial exchange.


April 26: Polaris Workshop – An Adventure in Using NeoFS with Alex Walker, Neo community developer.