Neo Global Development released the second of a two-part retrospective offering an overview of the N3 Early Adoption program. The second five projects reviewed include Humswap, TOTHEMOON, Defina Finance, Saffron Finance, and NekoHit. Part one was published on Feb. 11, 2022.

NGD Enterprise lead John deVadoss joined The Irish Tech News podcast to discuss the Neo Blockchain Toolkit, his background at Microsoft, interoperability, and open-source token standards. deVadoss was also featured in a CryptoSlate article entitled, Why Big Tech is losing talent to crypto, web3 projects, where he highlighted the need for an improved developer experience through tooling.

NNT Catch Up

GhostMarket released a transcript of a Poly Network AMA with CEO and founder Vincent Geneste. In the AMA, Geneste discussed onboarding into the NFT marketplace platform, what separates GhostMarket from competitors, using Poly Network for cross-chain token swaps, and next steps.

Developer Groups

COZ released neo3-boa v0.11, which added optimizations to classes and objects, support for contract manifest modifiers, and initial support for inheritance on user-created classes.


Feb. 21, Neo Burger integrated support for Neon Wallet, allowing users to claim GAS from bNEO via the Neon Wallet wallet.

Feb. 22, GhostMarket’s GM governance token was listed on the Demex non-custodial exchange following approval from a community vote. The GhostMarket team provided US $100,000 value in tokens to the GM-BUSD pool to kickstart liquidity.

Feb. 23, Flamingo added the CAKE token to its DeFi platform and launched an FLP-FLM-fCAKE pool. fCAKE is the NEP-17 wrapped version of the BEP-20 CAKE token. Users can now convert Flamingo assets to fCAKE, or wrap CAKE and unwrap fCAKE using a connected wallet that supports BSC.

Feb. 24, Switcheo published a SWTH token smart contract on Neo N3 MainNet.

Feb. 24, Flamingo announced a partnership with Neo community NFT artist Somniumwave. Somniumwave’s Sentient NFT collection will count toward “FLM value” in Flamingo’s FLM Hodler Program, similar to the way Neoverse NFTs do. The NFTs will be valued at between 2,500 to 50,000 FLM across five tiers. Flamingo’s Hodler program grants participants special privileges within the Flamingo ecosystem, based on the size of their holdings.

Feb. 25, Switcheo launched a new smart contract, CrossChainProxy, on the Neo N3 MainNet, for PolyNetwork to communicate with the Carbon blockchain.

Feb. 26, Rentfuse launched the first phase of its Fusekind Bits NFTs on the Neo N3 TestNet. Fusekind Bits is a contest for participants to lend and borrow Bits NFTs with the purpose of testing the Rentfuse protocol. The first phase allows participants to mint one of three NFTs.

Feb. 26, SkyHut launched a Medium page to help keep users of the NFT marketplace up to date with the latest news and information.

Feb. 26, Forthewin Network announced that all 500 NFTs from its Runes collection had sold out.

Feb. 27, Rentfuse launched phase two of Fusekind Bits. In phase two, when a user leases or borrows a Bits NFT, they will receive another Bit NFT in return.

Token Listings

GhostMarket’s GM governance token listed on the Demex non-custodial exchange.