General Updates

Voxiberate, a GrantShares recipient, released an article about the team’s Jan. 2023 pilot that tested the platform’s performance during a deliberation of the first citizen assembly. The Voxiberate platform aims to help communities (i.e., membership organizations, co-ops, DAOs) arrive at a consensus on complex issues through free democratic deliberation. The pilot polled participants on whether advanced AI systems should be made freely available to all without restrictions or if the technology should be regulated. The team found that the pilot demonstrated that people could participate in democratic deliberation practices online and arrive at a consensus on a complex topic.

GhostMarket added support for Forthewin Network’s native token, NEP, allowing users to buy, sell, and trade NFTs using the token.

DogeRift released patch 1.10 which included the launch of its official Football Mode leaderboard. All Football Mode scores have been reset and players will now compete against different bot difficulties based on their win record. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the leaderboard period to the top 4 players, who will receive 5 NEO, with players ranking 5th to 10th receiving 1 billion DOGER.

AfricaN3 concluded its GAS giveaway campaign, rewarding five community members with 5 GAS each. The winners received rewards via the NNT GasBot in the AfricaN3 Discord server.

Flamingo hosted a community lagoon to discuss the FUSD stablecoin, lessons learned since its Jan. 2023 launch, the over-peg of FUSD trading above US $1, staking rewards for the four FUSD LPs, and the next steps to bring the token into parity with $1. Flamingo also released statistics on the FLUND index-like fund, which noted a total volume of US $8.2 million, total minting rewards of $2 million, and total trading fee rewards of $268,000.

A new GAS Calculator feature was added to, allowing users to calculate average GAS returns based on voting with varying amounts of NEO.

Unlocking the Chain released a new video offering an overview of NNT’s GasBot. The video included using GasBot on Discord, implementing it into a server, sending and receiving GAS, and withdrawing tokens into an external Neo wallet.

The GrantShares proposal New member key for NSPCC was voted in favor unanimously. The proposal Remove old NSPCC key was also put to the vote, which is scheduled to conclude on Tuesday, Feb 7.

NNT Catch Up

NNT released episode 26 of the Smart Economy Podcast with Seamus Donoghue, Chief Growth Officer at METACO. Discussion topics included lessons learned working for an exchange in 2017 and 2018 during the ICO craze, how well-defined regulations positively impact crypto companies, how banks are looking into blockchain-based solutions, the outlook institutions are developing for crypto’s future, and how METACO services its institutional clients.

GhostMarket and Blockchain Cuties are collaborating on a Valentine’s Day giveaway campaign. Five users will each receive a holiday-themed NFT minted on Neo N3 and another five will each win 2,000 GM tokens. The contest is live and concludes at 1:59 a.m. (UTC) on Feb. 14, 2023.

Token Listings

NEP support added to the GhostMarket multi-chain NFT marketplace.