General Updates

Neo founder Da Hongfei and prominent BTC and VC investor Tim Draper participated in a panel discussion to celebrate the kick-off of a five-week Draper University pre-accelerator and incubator program. Draper University will include 15 Neo ecosystem projects in a five-week blockchain entrepreneurship program.

NudesToken is distributing approximately US $6,150 in GM and NUDES rewards for its second meme campaign, focusing on GhostMarket content. The top ten qualifying submissions will share from a pool of 100,000 GM tokens in prizes, and one trillion NUDES will be airdropped to NudesArmy platform users. The contest is live and will run through Aug. 1.

GhostMarket enabled users to make open offers on any NFT they see on the multi-chain marketplace, whether the NFT is listed for sale or not. Users can make offers on individual NFTs as well as NFTs that are part of collections. At the time of press, only GM tokens can be used for the new feature. GhostMarket also hosted a Twitter spaces event, where the team discussed the NFT marketplace, NFT projects, and artwork.

The SOMNIUMWAVE SOM trading competition concluded on Flamingo, and the winning participants can be found on the DeFi platform’s Trading Competition page. A total of 30 million SOM tokens were made available as prizes for participants trading into or out of the SOM NEP-17 token.

GrantShares hosted the first ShillYourProposal Twitter space to share insights into proposing grants, how communication is necessary for the proposal process, how the team intends to host future Twitter spaces, and more. One new GrantShares proposal was put forth this week, which was a request to fund the development of a DAO as a service platform offering escrow services.

Developer Updates

Neo released its monthly technical development report for June, which noted improvements to overall developer convenience across the ecosystem. Both the core Neo repositories and community-developed projects received new functionality to address pain points or otherwise reduce the time spent by builders integrating Neo into their applications.

COZ released neon-js v5.1.0, which included compatibility updates for Neo 3.3.1 and other minor fixes.

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today released episode 11 of the Smart Economy Podcast, featuring Jessica Levesque, Executive Director of the C4. The C4 is a non-profit organization comprised of blockchain and cryptocurrency experts who seek to establish standards and accreditations to help ensure a balance of openness and privacy, security and usability, and trust and decentralization. Discussion topics included her background in education, where blockchain education gets it right and improvements that can be made, the community development aspects of blockchain ecosystems, how C4’s certifications are created and updated, how the blockchain industry has become more diverse in the past couple of years but still has room to grow, and more.

Token Listings

NEO was listed on the WOO Network custodial exchange.