General Updates

Neo hosted a Twitter spaces entitled Speedy, Secure and Seamless: Unlocking the Power of Real-Time Oracles. The event was moderated by NF Senior Associate Adela Zhang, and featured Neo Global Development Head of Development Steven Liu and R3E Network co-founders Liao Jinghui and Gong Borui. R3E Network is a new Neo community platform that leverages trusted execution environments and real-time oracles to create a secure, interactive blockchain ecosystem.

Flamingo hosted a Community Lagoon with project leadership to discuss the team’s short-term marketing strategy, upcoming conferences on their calendar, forthcoming changes to the Flamingo website, and more.  Flamingo is an official sponsor of the Web3 Berlin conference on June 10-11, 2023. Also, Flamingo provided an update on the top LPs by volume for the 12th week of 2023. The top pools by value included FLM/bNEO at US $2.09 million, bNEO/fUSDT at $1.81 million, and bNEO/fWBTC at $1.42 million.

DogeRift launched its new website featuring updated branding. Visitors can find information about DogeRift’s tokenomics, NFTs, and roadmap, as well as installation files for the latest versions of the game on Windows and Mac.

GhostMarket shared an estimated weekly distribution of GM token trading incentives for the various chains the platform supports, noting that the most rewards were distributed to users of the Neo blockchain, at approximately 63,100 GM tokens.

Demex Exchange concluded its two-week NEO Trading Challenge, where participants were invited to compete for a share of a US $3,000 GAS token prize pool. The trading competition was held to celebrate the launch of the non-custodial exchange’s new NEO Perps market.

Quirky Soul College will donate Quirky Soul NFTs for Web3 Festival participants to earn from the Neo booth’s gashapon machine at the April 12-15 event in Hong Kong.

Kepple (formerly QLC Chain) announced the project’s smart contracts have been audited by CertiK. Looking forward, the team intends to conduct a QLC NEP-5 to KPL BSC-20 token migration.

Developer Updates

AxLabs introduced Codespaces into the Neow3j repositories, allowing users to build Java-based smart contracts in a web browser. Developers can create, test, and deploy a Neo contract directly within the cloud-based development environment.

NNT Catch Up

NNT released episode 32 of the Smart Economy Podcast, featuring Jackson Zeng, CEO of Caleb & Brown. Topics discussed include getting into crypto through game item marketplaces, starting a company in a blossoming industry without a clear regulatory outlook, how Caleb & Brown offer personalized services for their clients, and the types of assets their clients are interested in.


April 12 – 15: Neo is a platinum sponsor of the Web3 Festival in Hong Kong.
April 12: Neo and O3 Labs co-hosting R3AL WORLD: Infra afterparty at Web3 Festival.
April 26 – 28: Neo will be exhibiting at Consensus 2023.