Neo Global Development released its general monthly report for Feb. 2022, which noted increased custodial exchange and DEX support for N3 and NEP-17 tokens, the opening of the Polaris Launchpad, and Neo’s appearances across various media.

NGD hosted a panel session titled How Will DAOs Change Your Life?, which focused on DAO infrastructure and its potential impact on society. Panelists included representatives from NGD and AxLabs. In the event, guests discussed the influence DAOs have on the world, how DAO-based employment models may replace current centralized structures, and what is currently holding DAOs back from prevalence.

NGD hosted a panel session titled Meet the Decentralized Internet, which focused on various companies building blockchain infrastructure. Panelists included representatives from NGD, OKX Blockdream Ventures, iMe Lab, Alchemy Pay, and Metaverse Alliance.

NGD Enterprise lead John deVadoss joined the Untold Stories podcast hosted by Charlie Shrem. In the interview, deVadoss discussed Neo’s multiple language support, the developer experience on the Neo blockchain, how Neo can integrate into smart cities and infrastructure through the digitization of assets, and the need for protocol-agnostic standards and schemas.

NGD head of global and ecosystem development Lili Zhao joined DukascopyTV to discuss the pillars of the Neo blockchain platform, and the digitization of assets for various aspects of the smart economy.

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today spoke with NGD Enterprise Chief Architect Harry Pierson about the latest enhancements to the Neo Blockchain Toolkit’s debugger experience, and how developers can get started with the new pre-release version. A walkthrough video can be found on the NNT YouTube Channel, and there are helpful links in the video description.

Developer Groups

AxLabs announced GrantShares, a DAO designed to distribute funding to grassroots developers and beneficial ecosystem projects. The DAO will manage an initial treasury funded by the Neo Foundation. Voting members of the organization include COZ, AxLabs, Red4Sec, NGD Enterprise, NeoResearch, NEXT, Neo SPCC, NF, NGD, and NNT. The initial funding limit for GrantShares is $50,000 per proposal, and can be used to fund local events, dApps, developer tools, education initiatives, and more.

COZ airdropped 10 Puppet NFTs to members of the NEOFORCEONE community. The airdrop served as a demonstration of how the Collection prop and SDK can be used to perform fair, transparent sampling from a list on-chain. Over 100 unique community members registered for the event on Discord by providing a Neo N3 address.


March 28, NekoHit released a walkthrough tutorial video on creating a project and submitting a crowdfunding proposal.

April 1, TranslateMe announced it is running a quadratic fundraising round through the Pomelo platform.

March 30, Mega Oasis conducted the auction of the its second series, MetaPanacea II, and sold out the two new and highest-priced categories, Genesis and Spirit.

April 1, Wexford began minting its first full-length studio album, OK Suburbia, on the Sky Hut NFT marketplace. The album is stored on NeoFS and is the first to be released as an NFT on Neo N3. Each album costs 6 GAS to mint, and there is a total supply of 200 that can ever be minted. Once all 200 albums are minted, Wexford will airdrop 10 Neo ecosystem NFTs to random wallets.

April 1, Rentfuse extended the submission deadline for its community content contest from March 31 to April 14. The contest will reward 15 participants with Neoverse blindbox NFTs for unique content submissions and for helping test the renting and lending protocol through Fusekind Bits on N3 TestNet. A community vote will determine the winners.

April 2, Poly Network released its monthly report for March 2022, which noted a total trade volume of approximately US $16 billion, 827,000 cross-chain transactions, and participation on a Neo Polaris Launchpad panel.