General Updates

Neo Global Development hosted the Neo Era APAC Hackathon grand finale, where five teams walked away with grand prizes of US $10,000 and post-hackathon incubation support, and one student team was awarded $3,000. Before the event, NGD announced that 23 teams had submitted proposals for the hackathon, each of whom delivered a final presentation on stage to judges from within and outside the Neo ecosystem. The grand prize winners include:

  • DeFi & payment: Prophet
  • NFT and Gaming: Card Brawl
  • AI, Social, and DAO: magipop
  • Infrastructure: NeoCast
  • General/Special: Respect
  • Neo Star (student team): Super Squad

Neo co-founder Da Hongfei unveiled the details of an EVM-compatible sidechain, with plans for TestNet to launch at the end of the year. Goals for the sidechain include bringing advanced security, privacy, and usability to the growing DeFi space, with the critical objective of robustness to Maximal Extractable Value attacks and manipulation. If all goes to plan, stakeholders in the Neo ecosystem may expect heightened utility and market dynamism for NEO and GAS tokens, propelled by expanded use cases and increased network activity.

Additionally, the Neo Era grand finale hosted various panel discussions, including:

Flamingo Finance ceased token swaps, liquidity additions, and staking rewards for the DogeRift DOGEF token. All DOGEF sent to the DogeRift game will automatically convert into DOGER at a 10:1 ratio (i.e., for every 10 DOGEF, the user will receive 1 DOGER). Flamingo also released stats on the top gainers by token price for Week 42 of 2023, which included GAS at 11.6%, fWBTC at 10.4%, and pONT at 9.9%.

Meme2Earn airdropped 1 trillion TIPS tokens between 413 users who completed one daily task between 10:00 a.m. on Oct. 17 and 10:00 a.m. on Oct. 24.

Quirky Soul College announced the results of the first vote for Hollow World Story, an interactive storytelling experience that lets QSC NFT holders co-author the narrative’s path. The first chapter of the QSC story is #0: Orientation 101, which received 34 out of 64 votes.

World of Elements released updates on the development of the game, including the integration of an item-drop-system and mobile controls.

NNT Catch Up

NNT released episode 49 of the Smart Economy Podcast featuring Michael O’Rourke, co-founder of Pocket Network and CEO of Grove, to discuss how decentralized infrastructures empower both users and companies. Topics of discussion include the intricacies of the Grove infrastructure and the need for decentralized systems to differentiate supply and demand, enabling businesses to operate beyond any single nation-state’s jurisdiction, the implications and potential impact of Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks and Grove’s role in the DePIN ecosystem, and more.


Oct. 31: Flamingo Finance Community Lagoon on the official Discord server.
Oct. 31: Meme2Earn Community Fireplace on the official Discord server.

Token Listings

DOGEF was delisted from Flamingo Finance.
GAS was listed on Bitget custodial exchange.