NekoHit will perform a series of airdrops to the users of its crowdfunding platform. There are multiple reward categories, including a CANDY airdrop, a USDT reward lottery, and a Neoverse blind box NFT airdrop. The process to qualify for the airdrops has begun, and there is no definite end date at the time of press.

NekoHit is a dApp that utilizes Neo N3 to fund creative endeavors. The platform aims to connect content creators with individuals who can offer funding on a per-project basis instead of the subscription model used by other solutions such as Patreon.

There’s a pool of 700,000 CANDY to be airdropped to addresses that invoke the many functions of NekoHit’s smart contracts. Examples of invocations include minting and burning CAT tokens, and donating to or creating a project

The reward lottery category uses a portion of NekoHit’s funds earned from the Early Adoption Program to incentivize platform use. A pool of 600 USDT has been set aside for project creators, and they’re automatically enrolled upon creating a project. A pool of 900 USDT is set aside for project sponsors. Project creators and sponsors will be selected at random for the rewards.

Lastly, project creators and sponsors who participate in the NekoHit DAO will be eligible for an airdrop pool of 200 Neoverse blind box NFTs. The first governance proposal for the DAO will be voting on the top ten projects created on the crowdfunding platform. Each of the top ten projects will then receive an allocation of 20 blind box NFTs, of which project sponsors will share 18, and two will go to the project’s creator.

Looking forward, NekoHit intends to release an article about using NEKOIN for its governance processes.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: