Neo Global Development has partnered with the SocialFi application Bit.Store, making NEO more accessible in Europe and Southeast Asia via Bit.Store’s market penetration. Starting April 11, Bit.Store users will be able to buy NEO with fiat and trade for other cryptocurrencies within the application. An airdrop event is being held to celebrate the partnership.

NGD hosted four technical workshops to aid participants of the Neo Polaris Launchpad. The first was conducted on April 4 by Harry Pierson, chief architect at NGD Enterprise, where he focused on providing a tour of lesser-known features of the Neo Blockchain Toolkit.

On April 5, Tyler Adams, co-founder of COZ, held a workshop where he taught smart contract development in Python.

On April 6, Roman Khimov, principal software engineer at Neo SPCC, conducted a session focusing on smart contract development in the Go language.

Finally, Michael Bucher, software engineer at AxLabs, provided a smart contract development workshop in the Java language on April 7.

All sessions can be rewatched on the official Neo YouTube channel.

NGD Zurich lead Lili Zhao is moderating a panel entitled, How NFTs are Transforming the Creator Economy, at the Paris Blockchain Week Summit. The livestream begins at 4:10 p.m. (UTC) on Wednesday, April 13.

NNT Catch Up

Neo is establishing a foothold in Brazil’s university system, from courses held in the classroom all the way up to infrastructure conversations between multiple universities. At the Universidade Federal Fluminense in Rio de Janeiro, Neo was heavily featured in a class about developing on different blockchain networks. The elective course, Special Topics on Networks: Blockchain, was taught by Igor Machado Coelho, NeoResearch co-founder and UFF professor. NeoResearch is a Brazilian developer community with strong ties to academia that focuses on optimizing the Neo blockchain, particularly Neo’s consensus mechanism.

Developer Groups

COZ released neo3-boa v0.11.2, which included an optimized import process, enhanced class creation feature, and improved smart contract organization.

COZ announced an upcoming workshop that will be hosted by CEO Tyler Adams. The workshop will focus on smart contracts and developer frameworks contained within the recent PROPS release. Five Puppet NFTs will be distributed to participants. The workshop begins at 2:00 p.m. (UTC) on Tuesday, April 12.

AxLabs released a neow3j update that introduces several new features across the devpack and SDK. Version 3.16.0 brings with it new utilities for designating contract groups, retrieving signatures from invocation scripts, and a customProperties method for NFTs that returns a map with stack item values rather than a string.


April 4, Flamingo released metrics for March 2022, noting a total trade volume of approximately US $58.3 million.

April 4, Rentfuse updated its website and rolled out proxy mode, allowing users to rent NFTs without needing to change wallets.

April 5, NudesToken was listed on the MEXC custodial exchange with a trading pair against USDT.

April 5, Poly Network announced the release of the second version of its cross-chain interoperability protocol, which now allows users to bridge NFTs across blockchains.

April 6, NeoCandy announced plans for Candyclash, a risk-based NFT staking game. Candyclash will implement candy-based art NFTs and DeFi features, integrating them into the gameplay as NFTs that steal or tax yield from other NFTs. There are two types of NFTs users can collect: villagers and villains, each capable of passively yielding CANDY.

April 6, NudesToken was added to the CoinGecko cryptocurrency data aggregator.

April 7, TOTHEMOON completed the first airdrop of Item NFTs to wallets containing Character type NFTs. More than 43,000 Items NFTs were airdropped.

April 8, NekoHit released information about the upcoming airdrop of CANDY NEP-17 tokens and Neoverse blindbox NFTs.

April 10, Rentfuse updated the Neonova GUI, making it easy to invoke as well as deploy or update Neo N3 smart contracts. In the updates, invocations have been grouped for better organization, and for import and export.

Token Listings

NUDES listed on the MEXC custodial exchange.


April 12: COZ is hosting a workshop on PROPS smart contracts and developer frameworks.

April 13: Harry Pierson is hosting a workshop on C# smart contract development.

April 13: NGD Zurich lead Lili Zhao to moderate a panel on NFTs and the creator economy.

April 14: Michael Fabozzi of Rentfuse is hosting a workshop on wallet integration with the Neon Wallet Adaptor.