Quirky Soul College and COZ have engaged in a new collaboration, which will take effect for players of the QSC game on Jan. 30. QSC is launching the “Vending Machine” that allows users to obtain a unique COZ-based skin that can be equipped on Quirky Soul NFTs. Additionally, QSC has performed an airdrop for holders of wave zero NFTs.

Source: COZ

To earn a COZ-theme skin from the Vending Machine, users must own a Quirky Soul NFT and a Puppet NFT. In 2022, Puppets were airdropped to all Neo users voting for consensus nodes on N3 and serve as a general-purpose NFT with attributes inspired by the SRD20 system, used in Dungeons and Dragons and many other games.

One unique COZ-theme skin can be minted per Quirky Soul and Puppet NFT combination. For example, if a user has three Puppet NFTs and two Quirky Soul NFTs, they will only be able to mint two COZ-theme skins in the QSC game.

Looking forward, the QSC team intends to announce further uses for Quirky Soul and Puppet NFTs.

FDE Airdrop

The Quirky Soul College team distributed an airdrop of FDE tokens to wave zero Quirky Soul NFT holders, per the following:

  • 1 Quirky Soul NFT = 20,000 FDE tokens airdropped
  • 3 Quirky Soul NFTs = 40,000 FDE tokens airdropped
  • 5 Quirky Soul NFTs = 60,000 FDE tokens airdropped
  • 10 Quirky Soul NFTs = 100,000 FDE tokens airdropped
  • 20 Quirky Soul NFTs = 150,000 FDE tokens airdropped
  • 21+ Quirky Soul NFTs = 430,000 FDE tokens airdropped

Wave zero was the first phase of the QSC NFT mint that concluded in Jan. 2023. Currently, users can’t mint any new Quirky Soul NFTs until the launch of the next wave, which hasn’t been announced. Each wave will have a different amount of NFTs available to mint, but the total supply is capped at 10,000 NFTs.

The full Twitter announcement can be found at the link below: https://twitter.com/QuirkySoulCLG/status/1619399503651692544