The first phase of the Quirky Soul College NFT mint, known as “wave zero,” will conclude on Sunday, Jan. 22. Afterward, users will not be able to mint Quirky Soul NFTs until the launch of the next wave, which hasn’t been announced. Each wave will have an undetermined amount of NFTs available to mint, but the total supply will remain at 10,000 NFTs. Wave zero Quirky Soul NFTs will offer unique benefits to holders, such as access to airdrops. At the time of press, approximately 730 wave zero Quirky Soul NFTs have been minted.

Quirky Soul College is the first dynamic NFT-based game on the Neo N3 blockchain. It was developed by Rentfuse founder Michael Fabozzi and designed to be a Tamagotchi-like game where characters grow over time. The aim of the game is to acquire Quirky Soul NFT characters and level them up to win missions more efficiently and earn rewards. The Quirky Soul NFTs will also be used to determine the stories that can be integrated into gameplay. Currently, each Quirky Soul NFT carries a mint cost of 15 GAS.

Additionally, Fabozzi joined a recent GhostMarket Twitter Spaces to talk about the origin of the game, skins for the Quirky Soul NFT characters, the FDE utility token, consumable items to empower NFT characters, how characters grow as they progress in the game, and other general plans for the game.

Looking forward, Quirky Soul College plans to release more information about a collaboration with COZ, where the team is implementing the Puppet contract into the game. Additionally, the team intends to conduct airdrops after the conclusion of wave zero.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: