General Updates

Flamingo Finance is launching its over-collateralized FUSD stablecoin on Jan. 10 alongside the following four liquidity pools: FLM/FUSD, fWBTC/FUSD, bNEO/FUSD, and fUSDT/FUSD.

GhostMarket added a new Gas Tracker feature to its multi-chain NFT marketplace, displaying the current network transaction costs on each of the platform’s supported blockchain networks. Additionally, the new feature allows users to set predetermined transaction speeds.

Forthewin Network’s Neo Boyz collection sold out after reducing its total supply from 3,333 to 1,111 NFTs. The team announced the change on Jan. 4, noting an intention to grow FTW by using the old supply on other networks. Additionally, Forthewin Network distributed FTW Locker Key NFTs to users who minted Neo Boyz NFTs featuring holiday-themed attributes.

Quirky Soul College is concluding the first phase of its NFT mint, known as “wave zero,” on Sunday, Jan. 22. Afterward, users will not be able to mint Quirky Soul NFTs until the launch of the next wave, which hasn’t been announced. Additionally, QSC founder Michael Fabozzi joined the GhostMarket Twitter Spaces to discuss the origin of the blockchain-based adventure game, skins for the Quirky Soul NFT characters, the FDE utility token, consumable items to empower NFT characters, how characters grow as they progress in the game, and other general plans for the game.

COZ became the third sponsor for Meme2Earn‘s Meme of the Day campaign. The campaign follows current trends and topics to influence each day’s theme, with the exception of Thursdays and Sundays, which offer different incentives for platform users. GhostMarket and N/DAPP are also sponsors.

GrantShares proposal Renewed iOS SDK (Milestone 2 of 3) was put forth for a vote. Proposals NEO on TikTok and A set of NEO Chinese Development Tutorials (JAVA) are created for Chinese community developers were put on-chain, but have yet to be endorsed.

NGD Enterprise lead John deVadoss joined the Software Engineering Radio podcast to discuss design philosophies, how they should be applied to service interfaces, and service orchestration.

Unlocking the Chain shared a new video focusing on Nitron, Demex’s lend and borrow money market that recently integrated support for bNEO. The video offers a step-by-step walkthrough of sending bNEO to the Carbon chain, lending bNEO, and borrowing bNEO.

Switcheo Labs distributed its Dec. 2022 monthly report, which noted the integration of bNEO for lend and borrow pools on the Nitron money market, and that bNEO can be used to mint the over-collateralized stablecoin, USC.

Poly Network released an overview for Dec. 2022, which noted adding support for FTW’s NEP token to its bridge, a Christmas raffle with Blockchain Cuties, a Telegram and Twitter quiz campaign with NeoNS, and more.

Developer Updates

AxLabs released new versions of neow3j which bring the toolkit up to date with Neo v3.5. As of neow3j v3.19.3, developers can take advantage of dynamic script loading functionality in smart contracts, cheaper conversions to boolean, and the new ContractManagement native contract methods.

COZ shared an overview of progress in Dec. 2022, which noted the release of Mamba v1.0.0, neon.js updates, the addition of Quirky Soul College to the COZ boost program, and CEO Tyler Adams’ participation on GhostMarket Twitter Spaces to discuss the PROPS and Puppets toolkits.

NNT Catch Up

NNT released episode 24 of the Smart Economy Podcast with Chad Barraford, a core developer at THORChain. Discussion topics included the importance of a decentralized multi-chain swapping protocol, the risks associated with blockchain-to-blockchain bridges, THORChain’s synthetic assets versus wrapped assets on other networks, and the protocol’s economic security model.