The TOTHEMOON team will airdrop TTM NEP-17 utility tokens to users who hold Character NFTs from the New Moon or Waxing Crescent phases. The TTM airdrop is the first of four planned airdrop events for Character NFT holders. The snapshot for the airdrop will take place at 5:00 p.m. (UTC) on Thursday, Sep. 1. The airdrop will occur within the following week once the TTM team has verified the snapshot data.

Character types will receive the following amount of TTM tokens per NFT:

  • Moon Baby: 10,000 TTM tokens
  • Moon Trainer: 5,000 TTM tokens
  • Moon Creature and Cryptonaut: 1,000 TTM tokens

The NEP-17 TTM tokens will also be earned in-game, and eventually purchasable on an exchange. TTM tokens will be able to be used for buying and selling items at the TTM marketplace, purchasing Moon Plots, participating in governance to shape direction of the game, staking for resources, and more.

To be eligible for the airdrop, participants must remove NFTs from any marketplace contracts and hold them in a user-controlled wallet.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: