Neo has signed a partnership with TaskOn to help enhance its social media engagement and outreach. Users can complete a number of social tasks in return for EXP points on the TaskOn website, allowing them to earn NFTs and other rewards

TaskOn is a platform that is designed to align Web3 teams with their audiences and enable collaboration on promotional campaigns. By completing social media tasks, users can receive EXP points used to increase their TaskOn Level, while the project may increase its audience via growth hacking.

The initial Neo campaign involves four tasks, requiring users to follow Neo and TaskOn on Twitter and Discord. 20 EXP is the reward for completion. Leveling up grants access to further campaigns and the opportunity to receive crypto rewards, including NFTs and up to US $300 in assets.

Currently only the ONTO wallet is supported for Neo.

More information about the Neo TaskOn campaign can be found at the link below: