GrantShares, the first DAO on Neo N3, recently launched with the mission of distributing funding to grassroots developers and projects. Four new proposals centered on development of on-chain and off-chain resources have been submitted and are currently undergoing the discussion phase.

Proposal process

The discussion stage occurs directly after a proposal is submitted. Neo community members and GrantShares voting members can request additional information, make suggestions, and help shape proposals prior to the final vote.

Once the proposer is confident with the submission, it can be pushed to the Neo N3 blockchain, awaiting endorsement from a GrantShares member. The members may then vote on the proposal, automatically executing the accompanying intent (e.g. a transfer of funds) in the event of an accepted proposal.

New proposals

The first proposal on GrantShares was completed in early April during beta testing. GrantShares awarded funds to Alex Walker, a community developer and author of the Greenfinch application, in return for development of the Greenfinch API. A second proposal was also executed, a surcee of 1 NEO gifted to NNT as a celebration of the launch and as thanks for its role in the DAO’s development and promotion.

Four new proposals have been submitted for discussion in the time since. As was the case with the first proposal, the new proposals are also requests for funding. The proposals share a common goal, endeavoring to support the growth of the Neo ecosystem, however each submission seeks to accomplish this through its own unique approach.

Forthewin NEP Hub

Request for funding: 3000 NEO

Founder Ed of the Forthewin team seeks funds to develop new features and sustain operation of its NEP-17 hub. The hub consists of several modules:

  • Smith – Allows users to deploy smart contracts such as NEP-17 tokens
  • Swap – An open AMM DEX where anyone can list tokens for trading, and LP is NFT-based and fixed-reward
  • Farm – A staking module for rewarding token holders and project incubation
  • DAO – A Snapshot-like service that allows Smith contracts to create voting channels

Funds are earmarked to cover the costs of off-chain resources, pay for contract audits, and to reimburse development hours/expenses as new functionality is added.

You can read more about this proposal and participate in the discussion here.

Web3 Italia Community

Request for funding: 2500 NEO

The second proposal focuses on community building, rather than project development. Spearheaded by long-time Neo community member Luca L. (Ethour), the proposal requests funds to be put to use in building an Italian Neo community and resources to help market Neo.

A number of deliverables are listed alongside budget allocations and time estimations:

  1. Full business and microstep plans, SEO landscape analysis, and a publishing plan for content (500 NEO, 1 month)
  2. A community website, social groups, newsletter, Web3 use case documentation, and SEO-oriented blog posts (1000 NEO, 6 months).
  3. Community engagement activities, social management, and offline meetups (500 NEO, 3 months)
  4. Developer-specific content area for sharing Neo documentation and offering support for builders (500 NEO, 3 months)

Though initially targeting Italian users specifically, the created resources and community structure will also serve as a template for similar initiatives/content for the global audience.

You can read more about this proposal and participate in the discussion here.

Comprehensive N3 Development course

Request for funding: 3800 NEO

The proposal from Neo and COZ veteran Ricardo Prado (Ricklock) also places marketing at the forefront, this time with developers as the priority target. The goal is to create a free Neo blockchain course as a teaching and marketing tool, structured as both an introduction to blockchain technology and an onboarding solution for Neo dApp developers.

The free course would be made available on a popular learning platform (such as Udemy) and later supplemented with a paid offering packed with more advanced information. Other modules, such as language-specific developer resources for building on Neo, could also be added in the future.

Funds will be used to compensate contributors across several roles who will play a part in the course’s production. The primary roles to be filled are product owner, marketing specialist, Neo developer, instructional designer, and course instructor. Support roles such as content writer, designer, and editor will also be used to ensure the resulting courses are high-quality.

You can read more about this proposal and participate in the discussion here.

Auto-compounding NEO

Request for funding: 1500 NEO

A proposal from Lyrebird founder William Song aims to fund the development of an open-source wrapper around NEO/bNEO tokens. This wrapper, dubbed cNEO, would provide auto-compounding functionality through an automated external process.

Users would be able to deposit NEO or bNEO to the cNEO contract, receiving cNEO in response. GAS claims would be regularly claimed for bNEO held in the contract then swapped for additional bNEO on Flamingo. This mechanism would continue increasing the bNEO amount held by the contract, increasing the redemption ratio for users when swapping cNEO back to their choice of bNEO or NEO.

Of the requested funds, ⅓ would be set aside for development of the smart contracts and web application required to operate the service. The remaining 1000 NEO (estimated) would be used to pay for smart contract auditing.

You can read more about this proposal and participate in the discussion here.

Community members may also submit their own proposals to GrantShares or view existing submissions via the link below: