The OneGate mobile wallet application now supports Flamingo Finance and Forthewin Network. It is the first app that offers iOS and Android mobile users access to the DeFi platforms.

Flamingo Finance

Flamingo users can now swap, stake, earn, and claim rewards on OneGate. Ultimately, the Flamingo team intends to add support for all of its platform features, but at the onset includes:

  • All Asset Actions on the Trade page
  • A basic version of the Earn page Overview section
  • A basic version of the Convert page

Forthewin Network

Forthewin Network users can now use Smith and Swap through the OneGate application. Smith enables the minting of NEP-17 and NEP-11 tokens, while Swap is a trading platform that allows users to contribute to liquidity pools or trade tokens. It also allows users to create their own swap pools using custom token contract hashes.


OneGate is a Neo N3 blockchain wallet and dApp gateway that includes a dApp store with links to supported applications. The app was designed for users who are relatively familiar with blockchain and cryptocurrency. OneGate offers support for DeFi and NFT projects in the Neo ecosystem, and provides a feed for blockchain related news.

At the time of press, OneGate also supports N3 Governance, N3 Trader, NeoBurger, Lyrebird, FTW Swap and Smith, GhostMarket, Sky Hut, Mega Oasis, Rentfuse, TOTHEMOON, and Inst.Money.