NGD has announced Supernova, a science fiction survival MMORPG, as the second project to join the Neo EcoBoost program in 2022. Developed by Sunday Games, a Cyprus-based game development studio founded in 2014, Supernova will bring an open world and economy with play-to-earn mechanics to the Neo blockchain.


Unlike comparable games in the open world sci-fi MMO genre, Supernova uses an actionless and deterministic gameplay system. Users won’t manually control their characters to fight, fly, or perform tasks—instead, gameplay focuses on macromanagement.

Players can gain professions to unlock the ability to complete various in-game tasks. For example, Scientists may invent blueprints, intellectual in-game property presented in NFT form which grant the owner the ability to produce a given item. Other professionals include Miners, who can build structures to extract ore deposits, and Carriers, who transport goods from place to place.

Supernova’s economic model reflects the real-world: each government of a territory may issue its own national currency, while an international currency (UNIT), a more stable alternative, may also be used. The primary currency on launch is Life Coin (LFC), used to pay for services or reward players. 

The currency is operated by Life Corporation, the primary in-game benefactor for players which is represented by the game’s developers. The token contract for LFC has been deployed to the N3 MainNet.

More information about the game, roadmap, and token distribution can be found in its whitepaper.


EcoBoost first launched in 2019 with a US $100M treasury. The program was relaunched in 2022, expanding on the support offered to projects and increasing the treasury twofold. 

Once accepted into the program, EcoBoost projects can receive grants, business incubation opportunities, and other resources to bolster their development on N3. Supernova is the second project to join EcoBoost this year, following Hacash.Diamonds in May.

The team will work to incorporate Neo N3 into its multi-chain architecture, improving its gaming ecosystem and expanding the presence of Neo in the broader crypto community. 

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