Neo Global Development has announced a phase two for the Polaris Plus community funding event after several rule violations by participating teams. NGD has split the US $101,300 funding pool into two allocations: $20,000 to be distributed in the first phase, and $81,300 to be distributed in the second phase.

Polaris Plus is the third and final event of the Polaris Launchpad, in which teams built projects on Neo N3 and competed for prizes. A total prize pool of $500,000 was available, with $398,700 awarded during the development phase of the competition. The remaining prize money was allocated to Polaris Plus, with the winners to be determined through quadratic distribution and community voting.

In a Medium announcement published shortly prior to the scheduled end of Polaris Plus, NGD outlined several rule violations detected by DoraHacks, the platform hosting the voting event. These methods include sybil attacks, where the attackers continually create new wallets to repeatedly cast votes to game the system, and collusion, where real users secretly coordinate among themselves to try to determine voting outcomes.

NGD also noted that some project teams had been encouraging votes in ways that “increasingly blur the line between ‘supporting’ the project and ‘buying’ votes.”

To resolve the issues, NGD and DoraHacks will take one week to review the Polaris Plus standings and remove all illegal votes. $10,000 in prize money will be distributed to all participating projects equally, and $10,000 to projects according to the remaining legal votes.

Following, all votes will be reset to zero and a new voting phase will begin, allowing the teams to compete for the remaining $81,300 under clearer, stricter, and fairer rules. The updated rules include:

  • A filtering mechanism to remove votes from suspicious addresses moving forward.
  • Offering prizes, airdrops, competition entries, or any other exchange of value to encourage votes is not allowed.
  • Any projects that continue to offer voters prizes, airdrops, competition entries, or any exchange of value to encourage votes will have votes removed or will be disqualified.

The new phase of Polaris Plus opens on July 5th and ends on July 19th.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: