Between July and November, GrantShares has seen a flurry of activity with proposals spanning multiple aspects of blockchain development and community engagement within the Neo ecosystem. This period has been marked by innovative projects aimed at enhancing the functionality of the Neo blockchain, including cross-chain solutions, new language support for developers, and game integrations. The proposals range from early discussion phases to executed initiatives.

Here’s an overview of the key proposals and their progress during this period.

Battle Hardened
Status: Executed

Following a successful voting round, the 1,385 NEO funding for contract auditing was released in late July. The team released a vending machine-style token distribution smart contract and conducted its first B token distribution campaigns in preparation for its MainNet launch.

Equito Bridge
Status: Discussion

The Equito team requested 1,000 NEO to fund the Neo N3 integration of its cross-chain messaging solution. Using its experience building a DEX on the Algorand Network and backend infrastructure for traditional finance institutions, the team has built a cross-chain bridge with a focus on non-EVM networks. The requested funds are intended for network integration and TestNet deployment.

World of Elements
Status: Executed

The lead developer of FrankCoin and the RTS game World of Elements submitted a proposal to accelerate development and outreach efforts while adding Neo functionality. 552 NEO was requested, with the funds to be used to pay an additional developer, work on the Neo integration, purchase game assets, and cover some other business expenses.

The proposal was endorsed by Neo SPCC after an agreement to add NeoFS as a distribution method, and passed with near-unanimous approval. A follow-up was shared by the author after funds were released, demonstrating initial Neo functionality accessible from within the game.

Status: Discussion

TokenAuctionHouse proposed a 5,000 NEO grant to build out the Neo side of a cross-chain NFT auction house. The platform would also be equipped with community-centric features, such as forums and engagement analytics. GrantShares members showed skepticism in funding the proposal due to the presence of several established NFT platforms in the ecosystem.

Status: Discussion

A proposal for NeoHub, requesting 3,300 NEO to create a comprehensive Neo development hub, was submitted to GrantShares. The proposed hub is intended to be a home for reusable smart contract modules and templates to aid Neo developers. GrantShares members expressed reservations, suggesting that existing platforms could host the content without the need for a separate hub. A revised proposal focused solely on creating reusable code snippets and contract templates was suggested.

Copy-trading platform
Status: Discussion

The SmartWhales team proposed a copy-trading platform for Neo N3. For 3,700 NEO, the authors plan to deliver an MVP, contract audits, and affiliate system. Some interest was generated, however the proposer did not respond to comments and the discussion stalled.

Status: Discussion

Quidli requested 350 NEO to develop a Slack, Discord, and web-compatible application that would make it easy for users and organizations to tap into Web3 with low friction. The funding would see Neo integrated into Quidli’s “micro on-ramp” and support for Neo tokens in the application. Following discussion, a GrantShares member offered to endorse the proposal after it is put on-chain, but this has not been performed at the time of press.

Full Rust infrastructure
Status: Expired

A proposal to fund development of Neo developer tooling in the Rust language was opened by a core contributor. The original proposal sought 4,064 NEO to produce a Rust implementation of the NeoVM and an SDK with an expanded featureset, including DID solution, tools for ZK rollup, secure enclave use, and contract automation.

Though pushed on-chain, the discussion participants raised concerns over the significant scope. The proposal was allowed to expire, with a recommendation given to create a new, more focused submission.

Rust SDK
Status: Executed

A request for 2,219 NEO to fund development of Rust tooling was submitted as a replacement for the previous Rust infrastructure proposal. The new proposal focused entirely on the SDK, as the foundational component on top of which other features and tools could be built later. The revised approach found support and was quickly endorsed and executed.

Decentralized Electronic Health Records
Status: Discussion

The Bela Supernova team requested 5,000 NEO to integrate its prototype decentralized health record solution with Neo. Currently implemented on Filecoin, the funding would see NeoFS used to store encrypted records, with access rights stored in contracts deployed to the network. GrantShares contributors expressed doubts regarding the project’s ability to penetrate a highly controlled and regulated industry.

Neo Medical Diagnostics in the Ghetto
Status: Discussion

1,500 NEO was requested to sponsor a 5-day free medical check-up event in Effurun, Nigeria. Funds would cover all event costs, including medical equipment, as well as development of an NFT smart contract for use as a ticketing solution. The proposal failed to gain traction with participants.

$ND Project
Status: Discussion

Author of the shuttered Neo Dashboard platform opened a proposal to develop and deploy a pair of utility smart contracts. The first contract, called Launchpad, would allow users to stake bNEO in return for a NEP-17 token other than GAS. The second contract was proposed as an AMM pool where bNEO would be deposited alongside a target token, and the GAS generated by the pool would be sold back to bNEo and re-deposited in the pool.

The proposed mechanisms are intended to serve as an alternative to ICO for token distribution and a method for adding value to low market cap assets, with the $ND token introduced as an example case. GrantShares members showed interest in the concepts, but requested the work be split into two separate milestones.

Nightly wallet & connect infrastructure
Status: Discussion

Developers of the Nightly wallet opened a proposal for 4,000 NEO, seeking to add Neo to its list of supported blockchains. Alongside wallet integration, the funding would also be used to push a new wallet adapter standard and custom wallet connection method in the ecosystem, as an alternative to Wallet Connect and dAPI.

Status: Discussion

Following their win at the Neo APAC Hackathon, the NeoCast team has opened a funding request to move its infrastructure into production. Requesting 883 NEO to fund two months of development time, the team aims to deliver a decentralized notifications protocol, helping wallets and other applications to receive customizable events from contract invocations or other on-chain operations.

Internal (Add member multi-sig as treasury funder)
Status: Executed

This proposal introduced a new address (a multisig made up of all GrantShares voting members) as a treasury funder. This gives an address to be used in cases of reimbursement from grantees.

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