General Updates

COZ and NNT visited Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., to speak about experiences building in the Neo ecosystem in the state of Colorado. COZ CEO Tyler Adams and NNT editor Dylan Grabowski joined a group of Colorado-based Web3 builders to advocate for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry with Colorado’s Senate and House of Representatives members. Throughout the day, the Neo ecosystem members spoke about serving as a Neo Council member, non-fungible item technology and activations, experiences traveling abroad for blockchain events, and more.

Neo shared a brief video overviewing the two-day APAC Hackathon tour that concluded in Oct. in Hong Kong. The event featured more than 500 attendees, 20 teams, and 50 speakers sharing insights on the state of the blockchain industry and Hong Kong’s position to attract the next wave of Web3 builders.

NEO and GAS were added to POS25, a device that allows physical stores to accept payments for goods and services with digital assets on various blockchain networks.

NNT released an overview of GrantShares activity between July and November, covering 15 proposals spanning multiple aspects of blockchain development and community engagement within the Neo ecosystem. This timeframe is marked by innovative projects that aim to enhance the functionality of the Neo blockchain, including cross-chain solutions, new language support for developers, and game integrations.

GrantShares proposal to Add member multi-sig address as a treasury funder passed with six out of eight members voting in favor. The proposals IqraCrypto: Arabic Initiative and Footprint Analytics were put forth for discussion.

World of Elements released an update on the RPG game being built on the Neo N3 blockchain. The game is now fully playable within a browser on any device. Additionally, support for the Neo blockchain has been added, which allows users to connect the game to an existing or new address. For FrankCoin NFT holders, an NPC in the game will distribute a reward after the holder has shared the GhostMarketID of their token.

The latest Neo Trivia Gleam competition is open and will run until Dec. 14. Participants can win a NeoVerse blind box by answering 10/10 multiple-choice questions correctly. If the contest has over 100 unique entrants, GAS will be added to the following week’s prize pool.

Flamingo released statistics on the FLUND single-sided staking pool for Week 48 of 2023, noting a total value of approximately US $7.83 million, total minting rewards of $3.62 million, and total trading fee rewards of $702,000.

NNT Catch Up

NNT released episode 52 of the Smart Economy Podcast featuring Gabe Frank, the founder of, a DeFi protocol on Ethereum that specializes in NFT lending. Topics of discussion include the current state of the NFT space, the mechanics of NFT lending on Arcade, the technical infrastructure and integration of Arcade’s platform, the importance of KYT and transaction monitoring, the role of the Arcade DAO, the future of NFT lending, and more.


Dec. 13: Neo co-founder Da Hongfei to speak at Rewire The Block – Hack Taipei.