Lounge is a newly launched app on Neo N3 that provides projects in the ecosystem with a place for community-driven governance. Projects and communities can create their own Spaces on the platform, where users can then open or vote on proposals.

Created by the efforts of NGD head of development Steven Liu and colleagues, Lounge is functionally simple, providing the polling infrastructure needed for decentralized decision making. The platform introduces no new token; projects may integrate their own choice of token with their Spaces. Actions take place off-chain using signed messages, making it completely free to use.

The platform was inspired by Snapshot and similar projects from the Ethereum ecosystem. Like Snapshot, Lounge makes it possible for Space owners to dictate their own rules on who can participate. The ability to create or vote for proposals in a particular space can be made completely open, limited to those holding a set quantity of a token, or handled via whitelisting.

Spaces can also opt between different proposal modes, including both simple text proposals and code submissions, allowing for trustless on-chain execution. Owners may also define the conditions required for proposals to pass, such as a minimum vote quantity, and set vote weighting based on the number of tokens held.

According to Liu, Lounge is primarily meant to serve as an example to other developers. Rather than providing an all-in-one solution for DAO tooling, the team hopes for Lounge to spark other innovations in the Neo ecosystem for further community empowerment, in areas such as discussion and incentivization.

Examples of such innovations can be found amongst the projects reviewed by Liu while researching current DAO tooling, including Kali, a tool for social organization, and Otterspace, with its non-transferable badge protocol for user incentivization.

Users and projects can get started with Lounge at the link below: